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Things We Saw Today: Russell Crowe Has Been To Krypton. No, Really.

Things We Saw Today


If you’d have told me ten years ago that Russell Crowe would be one of the most delightfully nutty Twitter-ers out there I’d have thought you were insane. And that’s even after you explained to 2003 me what Twitter is. (Tumblr)

Lucky, the original owner of this guinea pig suit of armor, sadly passed away, so eBay seller mightys0x is auctioning his duds to benefit the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue in Virginia. If your guinea pig would look smashing in this helmet and mail (and really, what guinea pig wouldn’t?), you have until June 21st to bid. (io9)

  • The A.V. Club reports that The IT Crowd creator Graham Lineham needs people like you—yes, you!—to be in the new episode, coming out later this year. (Pause to freak out because there’s going to be one last episode of The IT Crowd… OK, I’m done.) Reads the open casting call:

We need photos or video of you reacting to seeing an OUTRAGEOUS video on your phone or laptop. It would be really good if the photo can show a famous landmark in the background. Visiting the Eifel Tower/North Pole/Great Wall of China? Take a snap of yourself pretending to look at something really gross on your device with the landmark in the background and BOOM! you’re in (with a very good chance of being in) the show.

Remember, the video is OUTRAGEOUS. Not gross, really, but shocking.

I am seriously considering doing this.

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