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Things We Saw Today: That Belongs in a Museu- I Mean Magazine!

Things We Saw Today


I wonder what a Professor Henry Jones Sr. tell all would be like?  As cool as old National Geographics are to look at, artists Glen Brogan makes them even cooler in his Gallery1988 show. (via Gallery1988 tumblr)

  • Writer-Director Geoffrey Fletcher talks about his new film Violet & Daisy, ladies kicking ass, and pushing boundaries in mainstream media. (via Huffington Post)
  • The Frisky illustrates to us in gifs why Jon Snow isn’t a great boyfriend, even if there are far more terrible people in Westeros.

In case any of you like cats, beautiful comics, or any combination thereof, there’s a kickstarter for that.  A Stray in the Woods: The Complete Cat Comic Collection by Alison Wilgus is still an up and running Kickstarter.

  • For Community fans, Dan Harmon discusses how he hasn’t watched season 4 yet, adding to season 5 anticipation. (via Digital Spy)
  • In case you thought women don’t watch Game of Thrones (I think The Mary Sue must disagree with you there) Wired provesWomen like Game of Thrones.
  • 1939 now in 3D : The Wizard of Oz is being rereleased in IMAX 3D. After all, it was simply made for 3D! (via Collider)

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