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Things We Saw Today: Amy Pond Kissogram For Batwoman

Things We Saw Today

Oh, that Amy. Oh, that Kate! Michael “Mic?” Magtanong is responsible for this DC/Doctor Who crossover in the latest The Line It Is Drawn. Head over to CBR to see a bunch of other great ones including an Ood taking over for Alfred and The Face of Boe meeting MODOK. Now let’s see…what else did we find online today… 

  • Any chance you might attend San Diego Comic-Con this year? No matter who you are, you’ll need a Member ID. Register for one now.
  • There is now something called Bad Cat Comics. That is all. (via Robot 6)
  • Check out this new site we found called Girl, Empowered. It’s the authors ongoing story about their sponsor children from around the globe.

Amy Mebberson and her adorable Pocket Princesses! I can’t stand the cute!

  • Lionsgate has launched a Capitol Couture website to help promote The Hunger Games. You can find the website here and use the password #lookyourbest to enter. (via Digital Spy)
  • Think fan campaigns are a waste of time? io9 proves you wrong with fan campaigns that saved sci-fi or fantastic television shows from the ax.
  • The first openly gay Native American woman has been elected to the Minnesota state legislature. Congratulations Susan Allen! (via Jezebel)

You’ve seen the MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives, now Mimoco has introduced MIMOMICRO, “Not only can MIMOMICRO be used as a USB flash drive with removable microSD memory cards, but it also functions as a microSD card reader to transport data between mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, digital cameras, and mp3 players to your computer.” Besides the Star Wars line, they’ve also got DC’s Trinity soon-to-be available as well.

  • Marvel comic writer Greg Pak is writing a novel. Entirely on Twitter. Holy crap.
  • discovered the author of the SOPA Legislation, US Congressman Lamar Smith, is actually a copyright violator himself. Oops.
  • And lastly today, a fun game to try with friends when you’re out to dinner. It’s called Phone Stacking and the idea is this: “When everybody arrives and sits down to eat, each person places his or her phone face-down or stacks it on a pile in the middle of the table. The first person to look at his or her phone has to pay the bill. If the bill comes before any phones are checked, everyone wins and pays for their own meal.” I would be broke. (via Yahoo)

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