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Things We Saw Today: The Long-Hidden Secret to Defeating Big Boos in Super Mario World

Is it even possible to defeat Big Boos in Mario games? Usually, we just do our best to avoid them… which takes time, obviously. But apparently there was a way to defeat them all along. For heck’s sake, why didn’t anyone tell us BEFORE?! (via Polygon)

  • Award-winning author Marlon James is working on an epic fantasy trilogy inspired by Lord of the Rings and African mythology, to be published by Riverhead Books. (via Tor)
  • China won’t allow their citizens to play Pokemon GO because it’s too dangerous. Aww, c’mon, it’s only dangerous for the first two weeks! Then everyone will calm down. That’s what happened here, anyway. (via Kotaku)
  • Have you noticed how often women in action movies use their thighs to take down opponents? This super-cut video questions whether that’s even an effective strategy. It is, actually—it’s called a headscissors takedown, and it’s effective to use when you’re much lighter than your opponent.
  • Deadpool just snagged another unexpected award nomination in the 2017 PGAs.
  • Tom Hardy is ready to do Mad Max 2, but they haven’t called him yet. He’s just waiting around for that.
  • Hasbro is launching their first animated digital series, and it’s about “girl named Hanazuki, who is gifted with powers that are tied to her many moods.” The title is Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. (via THR)
  • Remember a year ago when Ralph Fiennes got inexplicably cast as Michael Jackson in a comedy movie? Well, here’s the trailer for the movie. It’s clearly meant to be funny, with lots of celebrities playing other celebrities… it’s just a shame they felt the need to cast a white actor as MJ. Even in context, it still seems like a totally unnecessary and inexplicable decision.

What did you all see today?

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