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Things We Saw Today: This Stranger Things Dress Is Giving Us Life

Stranger Things Thursday….is that a thing!? If not, let’s make it one! Check out the rest of my interview with Cosplay In America at or click link in @cosplayamerica bio. 🎄☠️💡 #Repost @cosplayamerica ・・・ “At #LAComicCon, some friends had told me that they saw a booth that had a Demogorgan head prop and that I should check it out. They brought me to the booth and I began chatting with the people there. They told me my cosplay was great and said that I had matched the flower pattern on my dress to the wallpaper in the show perfectly. Then a gentleman behind the booth asked me how I made my Demogorgon hand. I had said, “It’s just craft foam & Worbla. It came out ok. I couldn’t find good screen shots, so parts of it I made up.” He then said, “No, it’s great! I’m the creator.” My jaw dropped. I had no idea that I was speaking to Aaron Sims, the creator of the Demogorgon for the actual Stranger Things show! To hear him give me any kind of praise on my work, made me speechless.” – @kittiecosplay Read the rest at or click link in bio. #StrangerThingsThursday #StrangerThings #StrangerThingsDress #StrangerThingsCosplay #demogorgon #RUN #theUpsideDown #UpsideDown #alphabet #christmaslights #theWall #StrangerThingsWall #CosplayInAmerica #LACC #StanLeesLAComicCon #LAcomicCon #Comikaze #ComicCon #cosplay #KittieCosplay

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We can’t even with this amazing dress! Cosplayer Kitty Cosplay totally killed it with this dress that not only incorporates the now-iconic alphabet/Christmas lights on wallpaper communication method from Stranger Things, but also the demigorgon bursting through the wall from the Upside Down. This is truly great work! (via Fashionably Geek)


In addition to the women around the world that we’re thankful for, we’re also grateful to women like Hillary Clinton here in the U.S. who work tirelessly as public servants in an attempt to improve the lives of this country’s citizens. Some fans took Thanksgiving as an opportunity to show HRC how grateful they are. (via The Daily Dot)

That’s it for us on this Thanksgiving weekend. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your holiday, and we hope you’re enjoying all of your tasty leftovers!

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