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Things We Saw Today: John Oliver is Not Having Billy Bush and Isn’t Afraid to Say So, Reminds Men How Best to Show Women Respect


John Oliver is amazing at speaking our truth. This time, he gleefully (and rightfully) tells the Today Show‘s Billy Bush to go eff himself for laughing along with misogyny in 2005. While he’s at it, Oliver also points out that Republicans don’t get to be shocked by the revelation of the Donald’s sexist “grab them by the p*##y” comment now, as they’ve known exactly who this man is and what he’s like all along…and supported him anyway. (via TV Line)

  • io9 has got an awesome Doctor Strange featurette that goes beyond the Inception-like time bending we’ve been seeing in the film’s advertising so far and shows us just how, well, strange the good doctor’s powers can get.
  • NBC’s L. Frank Baum-inspired limited series Emerald City finds a Latina, gun-toting Dorothy and a “Native American-style tribe” in a contemporary Oz. Hmmm… (via The L.A. Times)
  • More has been added to the Westworld ARG at the show’s HBO website! Now, you can access a map of the park, as well as the contract that guests have to sign before entering Westworld, and more information on the park’s engineers and staff. (via /Film)

Hey science nerds! Are biology and Earth science your jammy-jam? Check out the trailer for the beautifully shot Planet Earth II, which is coming soon from BBC!

What internet tidbits have struck your fancy and started your week off right today?

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