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Things We Saw Today: Radiohead Erases Itself From the Internet

Things We Saw Today: Radiohead Erases Itself from the Internet

The Internet is forever, but as Radiohead proved earlier today, that doesn’t mean you can’t drastically reduce your online presence in the meantime. As reported by Pitchfork, the band has deleted all the content on its website, Facebook, and Twitter. Fans are speculating that the disappearing act is a lead-up to an album release or similar announcement for the band, with one Reddit user pointing out that the Radiohead website change seemed orchestrated, since the site decreased slowly in opacity before going entirely white. Radiohead has always had a fascinating relationship with the Internet, and, regardless of what their digital vanishing act means, it’s a definite sign of the times that a band scaling back their Internet presence would be cause for so much speculation. (via The Verge, image via Northfoto/

  • It’s just a rumor, so don’t get the war rig ahead of the war boy (that metaphor works, right?) but George Miller may be helming a Green Lantern Corps movie. (via Uproxx)
  • The Mary Sue contributor Rebecca Pahle has a great piece up on Pajiba about the new movie Sunset Song and the ‘sympathetic rapist’ trope.
  • Ringling Bros. Circus will feature elephants for the last time ever tonight, after announcing last January their plans to put all their performing pachyderms into early retirement. The elephants will retire to the Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida, where they’ll be used in pediatric cancer research. (via Vulture)

Well, that’s what we saw today, friends. What about you?

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