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Things We Saw Today: Mama Tiger Shows Off Baby Tigers to the World

Today, the San Diego Zoo finally revealed those little tiger cubs that were born back in January. The Associated Press shared video of the event earlier. It’s everything you’d expected it’d be: a big mama tiger being a mama tiger to some lil tiger cubs. Apparently she can be a real helicopter parent. (via Jezebel)

  • Speaking of outrageously adorable things to gush over, The Toast’s latest installment of “If X Were Your Y” features John Boyega as your boyfriend. We joke all the time about Oscar Isaac being your space boyfriend, but here, Boyega’s your Earth boyfriend. Obvi. They’re totally cool with sharing. Halfway through reading this, I couldn’t stop blushing because what the hell even is chill because I do not have it, thanks.
  • While we’re talking about fantasy (sigh), here’s some news for you Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons fans: Wizards of the Coast has finally merged these worlds with a free D&D sourcebook that provides rules for playing in Magic‘s planes. Finally, you can be the planeswalker you’ve always wanted to be. (via io9)

This one’s for you Sonic the Hedgehog fans: a brand new Instagram aggregator just recently launched called @SonicStyles. It gathers some pretty neat Sonic styles (hence the name) in art, fashion, and lifestyle.

  • A researcher and a musician teamed up to revive some ancient medieval music. They recovered some music from the Middle Ages and successfully transcribed and translated them to modern music notation. It was quite the undertaking, and you can go listen to some old ancient music over on LiveScience.
  • If you thought the best days of your life happened at summer camp, then listen up: Wet Hot American Summer just got renewed for a whole new “season” on Netflix. Titled Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, picking up where the original Wet Hot American Summer left off. Get ready for more summer camp weirdness (and Paul Rudd). (via Vulture)

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