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Things We Saw Today: Vintage AT-AT Walks Again With Help From XBox Controller

By using an Xbox 360 controller, a Star Wars fan has breathed new life into a toy from 1981. It’s part of an ongoing project by Dave Klein, and what’s impressive about this is that it even walks like the AT-ATs we know and love from the movies. Hopefully some Rebels won’t come along to trip this one up. (via Kotaku)

  • There are complaints about issues in Star Wars Battlefront‘s matchmaking, including mismatched teams and decreasing server numbers making it difficult to find matches. (I’ve definitely encountered the former, which can make multiplayer a lot less fun.) No news yet on if EA plans to release a patch for these problems. (via Kotaku)
  • In more MST3K revival news, the Kickstarter received enough funds to produce 14 episodes–and officially earned the title of most successful crowdfunding project in Internet history. (via Den of Geek)

This Lord of the Rings-inspired lightsaber is elegant and deadly and pays homage to two beloved franchises. Maybe good for a Legolas Jedi cosplay? (via GeekTyrant)

What did you see today?

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