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Things We Saw Today: The Captain America: Civil War Wrap Party


The cast and crew of Captain America: Civil War had a wrap party at a restaurant in Leipzig last night, apparently. And there are photos. (via Imperii’s Facebook page)

  • I was going to post a second superhero type link here, but instead I’m gonna lead you to this list of movies to see by the end of the summer that have no superheroes to speak of in them. You know, just in case you want to try something new/are afraid to go near Fantastic Four! (via THR)


Ever wanted to have a geeky wedding cake, but your spouse is like, “Nah. That’s not traditional enough you lovable dork.” Well, this cake is a compromise that will make you both happy. (via Geekologie via Art People Gallery)

  • Have you seen the stuff about this guy who proposed to his gf in full Michael Myers costume to give her the Halloween-themed proposal she’s always dreamed of? It might sound weird, but as a horror and Halloween fan, I can kinda dig? Although, her dressing as Laurie Strode has some bro-sis connotations I can’t dig. (via EW)
  • Also, there’s talk of Nintendo looking into making movies again? (via SlashFilm)


  • How’s about a Mad Max-themed date night? We’re talking all the films, plus some special snacks like the “Imperator Furiosa Shot” (seen above). Oh, and of course some silver spray paint. (via Fun, Fiction, Fandom)
  • Here comes the … most elaborate flight safety video ever from Air New Zealand and a rugby team. It’s Men in Black-themed. (via Comic Book Resources) [UPDATE: Yes, we wrote about this the other day. Please forgive me for missing it in my recent mind wipe. See a new featured item above.]

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