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There Will Be No Hobbit at Comic Con, But You Don’t Have to Go Anywhere to Watch The Newest Hobbit Videoblog

There And Back Again

As a favor to everybody, Peter Jackson announced this morning that the Hobbit movies will have no Comic Con presence this year. However, he also revealed the third video blog covering the making of The Hobbitses, which, now that all thirteen of The Hobbit‘s dwarves have been revealed, has the liberty of no longer blurring the actors’ costumes and hiding faces, and we can see them all in their glory. I’m excited about dwarves again!

And so, within you will find lots of rubber and hair, including some ribbing of Aidan Turner‘s Kíli as the only one without a beard who obviously heads up Middle Earth’s first dwarven boy band, Cate Blanchett, and a surprise guest riiight at the very end.

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