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The Walking Dead Recap, 4×15: “Us”

One more episode before The Walking Dead‘s season finale! Are things looking better for our resident humans after last week’s whopper? Geekosystem’s Victoria has answers.

Last week on The Walking Dead: Tyresse and Carol are chill about Karen now, and Lizzie and Mika went to live on a nice farm upstate where they have plenty of room to run around and chase rabbits, okay? No, don’t ask why I’m crying, it’s not important.

We open on my new favorite character to love-hate, Eugene — whom I will be referring to as “Doctor Mullet” for the rest of ever — who is saying, “Looking at the fossil records, you cannot say for certain that this infection isn’t what killed the dinosaurs.” Um. Um? No. I’m pretty sure I can say for certain that it wasn’t, because there aren’t zombie dinosaurs currently walking around. Although I’m going to make a note of that idea for my next pitch meeting with Asylum Entertainment. Doctor Mullet appears to agree with me that it’s fun as hell to think about even though it’s next to impossible (“that there is a video game worth the preorder!”).

Tara very politely ignores him to pick up a coin she found on the train tracks, which Doctor Mullet claims (after saying “Oh hell yes, score” in the most uninterested voice I have ever heard) can be used to made a homemade battery. When she gives it to him, he says, “For reals?” The more he talks, the more I feel like he’s what would happen if Andy’s dialogue in Parks & Recreation was given to Ron Swanson instead, except Andy in this case is also pretending to know about science.

At night, Tara and Abraham bicker over who’s going to watch over Doctor Mullet, and he maintains that they’ll split from her and Glenn once they find another vehicle. “We each have our missions,” he says. To make a Sailor Moon reference (because what else do I ever do with my time), he is like the outer senshi of The Walking Dead. You know, except for the part where it takes him more than a couple of days to figure out that someone is a lesbian. You can’t tell me Michiru wouldn’t have caught that immediately.

In the morning, they finally come across one of Maggie’s notes to Glenn. Oh, and Sasha and Bob signed their names this time! Yay! Big happy apocalypse family! Glenn reacts to this revelation by calmly allowing himself to experience his emotions and JUST KIDDING. He starts sprinting into the forest like he’s going to catch up with them or something.

The Flash, coming to CW this fall.

Read the rest at Geekosystem.

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