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The Walking Dead Recap, 4×14: “The Grove”


According to my Tumblr dash, some stuff went down on last night’s The Walking Dead. Here’s Geekosystem‘s Victoria to hold your hand and walk you through it.

Last time on The Walking Dead: Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are officially a happy family of fun and joy. Daryl and Beth are not so much anymore, and Daryl’s teamed up with a gang of creepy biker-less bikers in her absence. Oh, and also, Carol admitted to killing two people, including Tyreese’s girlfriend, but we’re all preeeeetty sure she’s covering for someone. And there are babies.

In the cold open, we’re treated to creepy old-timey music on a record player that sounds straight out of Bioshock, so something awful is about to happen. The two girls are running around outside. Wait, no — they’re playing Monkey in the Middle with a walker. What’s… um. Okay. That wasn’t super foreboding or anything.

Now it’s nighttime, and the kids are at a campsite with Tyreese and Carol. Lizzie refuses to sleep and keeps watch with Carol, insisting that she can take Judith if there’s trouble. Oh yeah, that baby you almost smothered to dead M.A.S.H.-style three episodes ago? Yeah, that’ll go well. She also calls Carol “ma’am,” so she is absolutely up to something

“Do you think there’ll be kids at Terminus?” she asks. If their parents kept them safe, like Tyreese did for them, Carol says. “I saved Tyreese,” Lizzie corrects her, and then tells her about the people she shot back at the prison. Carol immediately launches into the whole “you did what you had to do” spiel, but I don’t think anybody believes Lizzie is feeling any kind of remorse about her actions. Then she asks Carol about the kids she had before the turn, and Carol tells her about her incredibly sweet daughter who “didn’t have a mean bone in her body” and who is probably dead because of it. Yup, let’s just keep reinforcing that particular lesson to Lizzie. No way that’ll mess her up or anything.

Finally Carol convinces Lizzie to go to sleep, just in time to catch Tyreese having some wicked nightmares. The next day, she tries to help his infection by reopening his wound and they have a delightful heart-to-heart about Lizzie’s confusion with walkers — how she doesn’t see them for what they are, only that they’re different. Mika is worse, though, according to Carol, because she also “doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.” Yuh-oh. We know what that means.

The team gets into a discussion about Tom Sawyer on their way to Terminus, like you do. Mika points out that they never got to finish reading the book back at the prison, so Carol explains the end to them, and Mika decides that she’s just like the Widow Douglas. I’ve only ever read Huckleberry Finn, so this does not seem like an apt comparison to me. Mika claims that this makes her Huck, but Lizzie points out that she’s more like Tom Sawyer, presumably because she’s not inherently broken on the inside. Tyreese does not play the “which character are you like in this book series” game with them, possibly because he does not want to be Jim. I don’t blame him.

Later he’s hanging out with Judith and Lizzie while Carol and Mika go to get water (after they talk about smelling a fire nearby, probably the moonshine hut), and they spot a figure walking down the train tracks. He gives Lizzie the baby while he goes and checks it out, and will everyone please stop doing that because I would never trust that child with any other children.

Surprise! It’s a walker. Its legs give out before it reaches them and when Tyreese goes to kill it, Lizzie stops him, saying that sometimes they have to kill the walkers, but sometimes they don’t. Tyreese responds by making this face:

“These white kids will literally be the death of me.”

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