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‘The Venture Bros.’ Movie Release Window, Cast, Plot, and More

Christopher McCullock as Hank and Michael Sinterniklaas as Dean in The Venture Bros.

For about five years now, fans of The Venture Bros. have waited for some kind of closure after the Adult Swim series was abruptly canceled after seven seasons. The hit show first premiered on the network in 2004 and quickly gained critical acclaim with its hilarious parody of the 1964 TV series Jonny Quest. It received high praise for its meta-premise, humor, and voice-acting performances. And so, the show’s creators, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, were planning an eighth season after the conclusion of season seven.

However, those plans never came to fruition. Publick announced on September 7, 2020, that the series had been canceled. A firm explanation has never really been given as to why the show was canceled, but the cancelation did occur shortly after Adult Swim’s then-CEO, Mike Lazzo, retired and was replaced by Michael Ouweleen. Major layoffs also took place around that period.Tthe corporate shake-up or cost-cutting measures could have ended the show. The creators didn’t foresee the cancelation, so the show ended with many pressing questions remaining unanswered.

This is why fans of the series were so excited when it was announced that a Venture Bros. film was in development. The film became possible after Adult Swim and HBO Max’s adult animation development team merged, and the latter took an interest in reviving The Venture Bros. By 2021, The Venture Bros. Movie was officially confirmed to be in development. However, the two years since have been anxious times for fans. Many feared the film would get canceled amid the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, which saw many animated series axed. Fortunately, The Venture Bros. Movie is still happening. It may even be closer to release than initially thought.

The Venture Bros. Movie release window

As of now, The Venture Bros. Movie does not have an official release date or release window. However, film editor Nico Colaleo has claimed that the film is finally finished and that he had the opportunity to screen the finished work. While fans have received assurance from the film’s creators that the movie is still happening, some were still surprised to hear from Colaleo that it was done. It is difficult to verify if his account is true. But, if it is, a 2023 release date may be possible. The film will be a direct-to-video release but will be available to stream on HBO Max 90 days after its premiere.

The Venture Bros. Movie cast

Patrick Warburton as Brock Samson in The Venture Bros.
(Adult Swim)

The majority of The Venture Bros.‘s original cast is confirmed return for the movie. Publick and Hammer quickly signed on to bring the movie to life by writing and producing it. Since both of them also voiced multiple characters in the original show, they are expected to reprise their roles for the film, as well. Publick is expected to reprise his major roles as Hank Venture and The Monarch. However, he could also voice some of his other popular characters, like Dr. Henry Killinger or Henchman 24. Hammer may also reprise his roles as Billy Quizboy, Henchman 21, or Doctor Girlfriend.

In addition to Publick and Hammer, Patrick Warburton has signed on to reprise his role as fan-favorite Brock Samson, who serves as the brutal bodyguard of the Venture family. James Urbaniak has also confirmed that he will be returning to play the lead role of Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, an insecure scientist, former adventurer, and the father of the Venture brothers. The only original voice actors who have not explicitly confirmed their return are Michael Sinterniklaas and Paul Boocock. Boocock portrayed Dr. Jonas Venture, Rusty’s father who appeared in flashbacks. Sinterniklaas voiced Dean, the other half of the Venture brothers.

Many are still hoping that at least Sinterniklaas will return, given that he devoted 14 years to portraying Dean and appeared in nearly every episode. However, the official cast list hasn’t been released, so the return of any original actors who haven’t personally confirmed their roles is uncertain. Additionally, no new voice actors have been attached to the project yet.

The Venture Bros. Movie plot

Christopher McCulloch as The Monarch as The Venture Bros.
(Adult Swim)

The Venture Bros. Movie‘s cast and crew have confirmed that the film will serve as the show’s finale. While an official synopsis hasn’t been released, many anticipate the film will tackle all of the major questions that remained unanswered after season seven.

One question that has remained throughout the entire series is the mystery of Hank’s and Dean’s mother. Initially, a clinically insane woman named Myra (Joanna Adler) was introduced as the boys’ mother. However, it turned out that she wasn’t actually their biological mother. She had been manipulated into believing she was. In season seven, the mystery deepened when a woman named Bobbi St. Simone was mentioned as being involved in their conception. Viewers hope the film will delve further into St. Simone and solve the mystery once and for all.

Then there is the ongoing mystery of The Monarch, a supervillain who was implied to be the son of Jonas Venture and half-brother of Rusty in season seven. Given that The Monarch and Rusty are arch-enemies and The Monarch’s true motives have never been disclosed, the possible connection between them needs to be further explored. Speaking of brotherhood, there is the question of what happens to the Venture brothers themselves. Season seven saw Dean adamantly distancing himself from his family and living a normal life by attending college. And Hank woke up from a coma with a desire to also separate himself from his family to “grow up.” The mysterious Coma Town he wandered into also wasn’t fully explained, implying he has a long journey to finding himself and understanding what he experienced during his coma.

The film may tackle what paths Hank and Dean ultimately choose to go on, whether their chosen paths include each other and Rusty, and if they ever find their true mother. Needless to say, there are a lot of plot points that The Venture Bros. Movie could tackle and unravel. The abrupt end of the series after season seven left viewers with many questions about who all falls within the Venture family, the family’s complicated history and dynamic, and the future of Hank and Dean.

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