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The Suicide Squad’s David Dastmalchian Has a Polka Dot Kitty Named Bubblegum

The purrfect addition to the squad

The Suicide Squad Polka Dot Man

Spoilers for The Suicide Squad

Back in June, David Dastmalchian shared a story on Instagram about a new, furry addition in his life.

Since my default setting is late to the party I didn’t know that this man had shared pictures of my absolute weakness: animals in cosplay (it runs parallel to “children in cosplay” if I’m being honest)

But he did!

And they’re adorable!

Here’s the tweet I saw today that made me look at my cats and wonder why they couldn’t be as cool as Bubblegum – the name of Dastmalchian’s furbaby.





Dastmalchian’s Instagram post from June reads:

“With the help of my [The Suicide Squad] family & some generous animal lovers in Panama, I was able to rescue Bubblegum (full name: Abner Bubblegum Polka Dot Cat). She has been a blessing to our family & was instrumental in helping us through the pandemic. Please adopt, don’t shop, and spay/neuter your pets. (costume by Judianna Makovsky). Thank you [James Gunn]!”

There are so many good things to process here.

Not only did Dastmalchian rescue a cat and, apparently, get help from the cast and fellow animal lovers in Panama, but the costume designer (Judianna Makovsky) took the time to make a matching costume! First of all, I can’t believe this cat is chill enough to wear a professionally made look like this (I won’t bother you with stories of how my cats all squirmed out of their Christmas sweaters). Secondly, the fact that Makovsky made the outfit is the perfect serotonin boost of vividly colored polka dots that you send after your enemies to eradicate them.

And the squad helped him in adopting the cat? You mean I can now have headcanons of Ratcatcher 2 encouraging Polka Dot man to bring the cat home, Bloodsport begrudgingly agreeing, Harley coming up with the name, and King Shark reminding everyone that he’s a shark?


No sweetie, it’s a cat, but that’s close enough :)

Honestly, after watching The Suicide Squad, I think this cat would’ve helped Polka Dot Man quite a bit – both mentally and in battle. Maybe Abner Bubblegum Polka Dot Cat would’ve helped him cope with his matriarchal demons. Maybe Spotty Kitty Warm Kitty Little Ball of Fur would’ve aided him in battle like Sebastian T. Rat did.

Maybe that would’ve been a recipe for disaster because cats and mice don’t always play nice.

Either way, the thought of Polka Dot Man snuggling with this cat makes me so happy. Hopefully, the hairballs aren’t rainbow-colored, though if they are, hopefully, they’re easily removable from carpets.


(Image: Warner Bros.)

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