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The Suicide Squad’s Breakout Rodent Sebastian Joins a Long Line of Heroic Rats

The Endgame rat welcomes you, Sebastian

The Suicide Squad Sebastian

Spoilers for The Suicide Squad

When we first meet Ratcatcher 2 in The Suicide Squad she’s fast asleep in her cell and exuding a whole ass mood. After Amanda Waller demands that she gets up, Bloodsport is rather… concerned… when he realizes what her superpower is.

She can control rats.

Along with that ability comes a smol companion named Sebastian, one of the most courteous members of the entire squad if we’re being honest. He takes no offense to Bloodsport thinking so poorly of him, extends his hand for a handshake like a total gentleman, and often greets new people with a gentle wave.

By the looks of it, having someone who can control rats seems like a waste to a team made up of sharpshooters and practically indestructible sharks, but Ratcatcher 2 and Sebastian prove to be viable assets to The Suicide Squad. In fact, Sebastian goes on to lead a brave battalion of rats on a quest to topple a giant starfish who’s zombie-fying everyone in his path. It’s technically not Starro’s fault, but Sebastian knows that he has no choice but to put an end to his potential reign of terror.

Sebastian’s one of the best characters on the squad is what I’m saying, and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Though to be honest, Sebastian isn’t the first rat to come through for the sake of humanity. He’s simply carrying on a cinematic tradition of epic things coming in small packages. Back in 2019, for example, many pointed out how Avengers: Endgame wouldn’t have come about if not for a particular rat wandering over to free Scott Lang from the Quantum Realm.

That’s right, we couldn’t have had this:


Without one of these guys:


(Real talk though is that Sebastian in Endgame?!)

Actually, when I think about it, rats have been scurrying through my media for years. Rats have been teachers, adventurers, and humanity’s last hope – whether they realize it or not. So in honor of Sebastian’s perilous journey of nibbling through bits of Starro, here are a couple of my favorite rodents.

Frankly, Sebastian’s in good company when it comes to rodents who get shit done.


Master Splinter



Mrs. Brisby





The Biker Mice from Mars



Two of the Rescue Rangers: Gadget and Monterey Jack


via Gfycat





Pinky and the Brain



The Rescuers



Basil of Baker Street








When it comes to rodents we should be championing, who are some of your favorites? Was Sebastian one of your favorites in The Suicide Squad? And, more importantly, do you think all of these little critters keep in contact with each other, coexisting in multiple universes where they have to become more than pets, snake food, and pest control fodder?

Thank you for all of your hard work, Sebastian, and all of the other rats that came before you.

(Image: Warner Bros.)

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