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‘The Skeleton Crew’ Trailer Highlights the Wonder of ‘Star Wars’

The new show skeleton crew

Disney+’s Skeleton Crew is a Star Wars show that we don’t really know much about, compared to some of the other projects in the works—that is, until Star Wars Celebration 2023! During the Lucasfilm panel, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau introduced the Jon Watts show, and we got to see the cast come out to explain the show and give us our first look!

Jon Watts and Jon Favreau discussed the idea for the series when they were working together on Spider-Man: Far From Home in London. And they went on to talk about how the show has an Amblin Entertainment feel to it—Steven Spielberg’s production company that has brought us so many movies that really highlight the joy of exploring and having some wonder still in your life, through movie magic.

And what we saw in the trailer really did have that childlike wonder that fans have for the franchise as a whole. We get to see a group of kids out on an adventure into the world of the galaxy far, far away, and they’re trying to find their connection to Jude Law’s seemingly Jedi character.

It was such a sweet first look into the series that brought fans an exciting glance into what Watts and an incredible line-up of directors have in store.

Celebrating Star Wars

The series is kids exploring the Star Wars world, but it really does feel like that wonder that so many of us felt the first time we came to this world. So many of us came into this as kids and have loved these characters for most of our lives. And while this show is very much about the children of the world and their strength, we got to have that feeling of joy coming back to us in a trailer form.

It’s sweet, beautiful, and something that is a great new exploration into the world of Star Wars and we can’t wait!

(featured image: Lucasfilm)

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