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The Rock Releases Movie Trailer To Announce His New YouTube Channel

Frankly, I was surprised that out of all the social media accounts out there, YouTube is one that The Rock hadn’t elected to dominate until now. But he’s coming to YouTube with his own official channel, and what better way to announce its inception than with an actual movie-grade trailer?

This is a trailer that I have many questions about, everyone. SO MANY QUESTIONS. First of all: are those people living in the forest that makes up The Rock’s eyebrow? How many tiny brow people are living in the forest that makes up The Rock’s eyebrow? Why is that eyebrow-inhabiting woman being sent on a quest to find enlightenment? Where does the light come from–or is it something that happens when The Rock finds himself possessed with a particularly ingenious idea, like the lightbulb LITERALLY going off? Do the eyebrow people frequently find themselves experiencing eyebrow earthquakes whenever The Rock does That Thing With His Eyebrow?


Barring all of those questions (which I will probably never get answers to anyway), I’m really looking forward to The Rock’s YouTube channel. I’ve been following his Instagram account for the past few months and his videos are often a highlight of my day. According to Variety: “The YouTube channel will feature Johnson’s own videos, a scripted action series, as well as highlight projects from his production company, Seven Bucks Productions, along with other creators who share his ethos ‘to inspire, motivate and entertain.'”

The YouTube channel will officially launch with content on July 18, which should give The Rock plenty of time to clear his browsing history.

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