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The Matrix Resurrections Gives Neo and Trinity’s Love a Real Purpose


Neo and Trinity

The Matrix revolutionized the world of cinema and how many of us unpack the movies we’re taking in. While many saw it as a “mind f***,” I saw it as an introduction into a strange new world of characters that I loved. I wanted to see the journey that awaited Neo and whether or not he was really the One, and with that came a couple I never expected to love with all my heart: Neo/Trinity.

Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is introduced to the reality of the Matrix by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity, (Carrie-Anne Moss) and thus a relationship was born between these three, with the friendship between Morpheus and Neo and Neo’s love for Trinity. And what makes The Matrix Resurrections work is that it turns the relationship between Neo and Trinity into something so much more.

**Spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections lie within.**

Neo and Trinity were the first couple I really remember rooting for where I didn’t already know they would end up together. While Han and Leia were my first OTP (like many others my age), it was Neo and Trinity that I got to see grow together from the first moment they were onscreen together. So, coming back into the world of the Matrix in The Matrix Resurrections was like coming home to my mom and dad, in a strange way.

But what Resurrections did was really drive home the importance of both Neo and Trinity to each other, thanks to the fact that it was never just Neo as the One. Both Neo and Trinity together is what can bring peace to the Real World, as well as the new Matrix that they will both rule together.

A love story for the ages

Trinity was never a “weak” character in comparison to Neo’s status as the One. She was someone who fought right alongside him and, if anything, protected him when he needed it, in order to bring peace to their world. But watching as Trinity is flying at the end of the movie and carrying Neo with her, as the two fly off into their own sunset at the end? It’s the sort of ending that fans dream of. Our own Briana Lawrence pointed out that it is literally for fans of the Soulmate Coffee Shop AU fic genre, and she’s right.

The entire movie is about how Neo and Trinity need to find each other because they cannot succeed without each other, and it drives home the importance that their love had for the world at large—which makes sense given that Lana Wachowski wrote The Matrix Resurrections as a way of coping with the death of her own parents.

Neo gave the world hope that there could be the One. Trinity believed in Neo, but in reality, the two of them together is what makes a love powerful enough to bring peace to everyone, and that’s honestly really f**king cool.

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