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“Who Doesn’t Have Smallpox Vials Lying Around That They’ve Forgotten About?”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week

I'm sitting on a crate full of smallpox vials right now.


It’s time for our weekly roundup of our favorite comments. Did you make the cut, or will you have to wallow in a pit of self-doubt and despair until next Friday? Hit the jump and find out.

AccordingtoRobyn notes that “If they make a feline version of [this MacGyver] robot, it’ll be a CyberMacGyverTiger.”

“We live in a world where a Transformers movie writer is penning a Dumbo live action movie … nothing shocks me anymore.”-JustPlainSomething has been made cynical by Hollywood, in response to the John Mayer-penned The Princess Bride musical that almost was.

“who doesn’t have smallpox vials lying around that they’ve forgotten about?”—Gallen Dugall provides some perspective on the whole CDC finding vials of smallpox just lying around thing.

Speaking of, someone treat porpoisepower to an MLT, ’cause they came up with an entire The Princess Bride: The Musical setlist. I already want to listen to “To the Pain” on repeat.

Platynews writes “‘Leather jacket – NOT spandex’ is probably the best line I ever read on a comic book related thing.” The thing in question is Batgirl’s new outfit.

Tanuki writes, “As someone who lives in a town with 2 Renesmees, I can say I’d much rather see a Katniss or Khaleesi running around.” The horror.

Sharknado 2: The Second One – it’s not the movie we want; it’s the movie we deserve. Pass the popcorn.”—Rightly said, KWDragon.

Kristopher_Smith responds to the news of Game of Thrones wine with “The vinter is coming.” Go to time out.


Time out, I said, all three of you!

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