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“There’s Very Little Data on the Chain Mail Bikinis Worn During the French Revolution.”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week

Also pee water.

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This week in our favorite reader comments: Puns! Absurdist humor! Puns! Snark! Puns! Taking (justified) shots at Ubisoft for the whole “but female characters are haaaaaard” thing! Puns! Are you noticing a theme?

“It’s going to keep the tone of the comic intact.”—This innocuous-looking comment is by Kurtis J. Wiebe, the actual writer of the Rat Queens comic, on our post about how it’s being made into a cartoon.

“Maybe she can fridge Peter Parker when she fails to save him at the last minute. Then she’ll cry about it and then date someone hotter.”—Nic responds to the upcoming comic AU where Gwen Stacy is Spidey. Snap.

Alexisonfire added some games onto our list of those from E3 with playable female characters. A lot of games. Did you ever know that you’re our herooooo…

Ubisoft doesn’t want to have female NPCs in the new Assassin’s Creed. “I think it’s a research issue more than anything else,” writes VBartilucci. “There’s very little data on the chain mail bikinis worn during the French revolution.”

On the newest Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, on women as decoration: “I’d also like to point out that this video is all lies. Women are too hard to animate =P”—Zing, Joanna.

“Um, technically, we all drink pee water. DINOSAUR PEE WATER!!!”—Elwyne, what have you done?!

“I hate Monday Cute. This one in particular really got my goat.—Kristopher_Smith, don’t.

“So I take it anyone who doesn’t live in the US or Canada gets the shaft then? I guess it’s to be expected but this time it’s a hard on to swallow. I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.”—Kristopher_Smith, Killer_Tapir is challenging you for your pun crown. The contest is closed, but damn, what penis puns in the comments.

“How do we know it’s a tiny TARDIS? Maybe it’s a giant Capaldi?”—good point, Adrian.

The final comment has a spoiler for the season finale of Game of Thrones. As always, scroll past drunk Cersei:

drunk cersei

“I blame TMS for the fact that when Stannis’s army showed up I called out ‘Stannis the Mannis!’ to the confusion of my roommate. I did manage to wait until it was time for him to appear on screen so that I wouldn’t spoiler things.”—Jill Baker Oliver, I’m so proud.

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