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‘The Mandalorian’ Reminds Us All Not to Mess With Din Djarin

Din Djarin in the finale of the Mandalorian

Whenever shows like The Mandalorian wrap up their seasons, we’re left wondering what is going to happen to bring the entire season together. And with season 3 in particular, we had a lot of questions up in the air as we were waiting for the finale to come in. Now that Moff Gideon had returned, things were scary for Din, Bo-Katan, and the rest of their clans. Especially since Grogu and Din were separated by Gideon.

As is always the case with a finale, we weren’t sure what the finale held. Would this be the end for Din Djarin? Is this when Grogu uses the Force in a major way? What was going to happen between Din, Bo-Katan, and the Armorer? All these questions were on our minds going into the episode.

But if the finale for season 3 showed us anything, it is that you should not underestimate the characters we’ve come to love throughout the show. Because they will always fight for what they believe is theirs.

**Spoilers for the entire third season of The Mandalorian lie ahead**

moff gideon and din fighting hell yeah buddy

When Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) was captured during the penultimate episode of The Mandalorian and his weapons were taken away, I was understandably worried. Foolish of me, it’s Din Djarin! But I was. Now that the finale “The Return” has aired though, we know that the reality is that no one should ever try to come for Din Djarin.

When Grogu and Din are separated by Moff Gideon’s plan, we’re left with Din’s fate up in the air. But the episode really just made it clear that Mandalorians really are stronger when they’re together. Because even when things feel dire, Din slides into a fight and is ready to take on any and all of Moff Gideon’s fake Mandalorians if it means getting Grogu to safety and securing Mandalore for the Mandalorians.

Don’t mess with the king

The minute we see Din in this episode, he’s already planning. Before Grogu even comes to his aid, he’s sliding around on the ground and fighting back. Because that’s just what Din Djarin does. Twice, he’s helped. Once by Grogu and then once by Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) when Moff Gideon seems to be besting Din. But still, Din Djarin is excused from not being at his strongest against Moff Gideon because he’s been fighting.

We see him using Moff Gideon’s hallway that has a ton of laser doors to his advantage. He takes out over single guard along his way to Gideon’s communications center. And he does it with style, skill, and ease. So when he does get to Moff Gideon, he’s already fought roughly 12 men all on his own.

Then he has to fight Moff Gideon, his three red guards, and still try to protect himself and Grogu. And the reason I love Din Djarin so much? He does it with such an ease that it’s just so much fun to watch. So the finale of The Mandalorian reminded us of one thing: Never mess with Din Djain.

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