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The Magicians Season Five Teaser: Grief, Quests and …Endgame?

We’re still not quite over the devastating season four finale of The Magicians but that doesn’t mean we’re not excited to get back to Brakebills and Filory in season five. The first teaser debuted today on TVLine. It’s a brief glimpse at the fifth season of the Syfy mainstay and it’s really our first hint at what the series has in store.

While the cast and crew appeared this summer at San Diego Comic Con and debuted a clip showing a literal sexist pig declining to send Julia (Stella Maeve) on a quest meant for the now dead Quentin (Jason Ralph), it didn’t tell us much. The cast and producers didn’t do any press at SDCC and after some poorly received interviews following the finale, the producers of the show have been mum on where things will go from here.

Well, now we sort of know? It looks like it’s going to be a season about dealing with grief. “No one gets to tell you how to grieve, only you know where it’s going to take you,” Alice’s mother seems to tell her. “If you need to do something crazy to get through it: do something crazy.”

We see glimpses of the full crew, including a healing Margo and Elliot sharing cocktail and – yay! – Fen and Josh fighting off an on-slaught of some kind. If you don’t remember, Eliot and Margo journeyed back to Filory at the end of last season only to find out that Josh and Fen were apparently overthrown from power and three hundred years had passed. I’m so happy to see these two back because I honestly can’t take more losses after last year. I’m also so so happy to see Elliot back in full form asking Margo when she had time to see Endgame.

There’s also some explosions at Brakebills and Julia talking to, I think, Penny 23 about quests and being asked when she’s saved the world enough.  I’m particularly interested in where this season will go for Julia. In season three she became a goddess then lost her magic while remaining immortal in season four. She then ended the season as a human, thanks to Penny 23 taking away her choice (awkward to stay the least). She assumed her magic was gone, but saw it returned at the end of the final episode as she grieved Quentin – because on this show, magic comes from pain.

Julia has had an amazing and complex journey on The Magicians, from addict to victim to survivor to goddess to a true hero and I really wonder where she will go this season and if the show will integrate Stella Maeve’s real life pregnancy into the story (I really hope they don’t, personally). One thing we do know that the teaser doesn’t reveal – the show will be continuing the tradition of musical episodes and that’s something I cannot wait to see, since it’s always a delight.

It remains to be seen if fans of the show will be able to cope with their own grief and anger over Quentin’s death. The fan reaction to the finale was furious and for many, final.  What do you think of the trailer, Mary Suvians? Are you excited for season five or did the show lose you when it lost Quentin?

(via: TVLine, image: Syfy)

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