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The Hillywood Show’s Best Parody Yet Comes With Some Fittingly Good News

"All good omens lead to hell."

Hillywood Show Good Omens parody featuring Crowley the demon standing in front of flames.

We now have a release date for Good Omens season 2, but that’s not the only good news we have. After months of delays, The Hillywood Show has just debuted their Good Omens parody.

The Hillywood Show YouTube parody group is probably best known for their Twilight, Supernatural, and other movie/TV show parodies. Led by actor/director sisters Hannah and Hilly Hindi, they’ve been at the cutting edge of pop culture parody, recreating scenes from movies and shows but with pop music/meme references aplenty. Good Omens is no exception, with the group taking care to recreate the stunning visuals of the show and Billie Eilish’s “all good girls go to hell,” even using fire stunts and backgrounds to recreate Eilish’s music video.

The Hillywood Show have become so well-known for their parodies that they have had cameos from Stephen Moffat and the cast of Supernatural in their parodies, and their Good Omens parody continues this trend with a surprise cameo by Neil Gaiman and an extra special surprise: the release date of the next season (July 28).

This surprise announcement likely explains why the parody had been delayed by several months; fans of the group on social media had been waiting for months to see the parody, which was announced all the way back in March 2021.

Having been entrusted with a secret like the release date of season 2 meant they had to wait for Amazon to give them the green light, but again, given the amount of care put into every aspect of the parody (lighting, costumes, set, special effects), the delays are understandable, especially with the relatively small crew pulling it off.

In any case, this parody was well worth the wait, and I can’t wait to see what they hope to parody next. Will they finally tackle the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will they search for the Sandman next? Or will they wait for the next Joker film to bring back their Lady Gaga Harley Quinn?

What’s your favorite Hillywood Show Parody? What’s your favorite Good Omens parody/fan work? Comment below!

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