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The Grand Admiral Is Here! And He’s Lars Mikkelsen!

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 17: Lars Mikkelsen attends the Young Creatives Awards Ceremony on November 16, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by noa grayevsky/Getty Images for RSL Management)

Oh it is great to be a fan of Star Wars right now. As we’re getting more and more information about the world of Star Wars, we’ve started to see what the future holds for our heroes! And one villain from Rebels and the larger canon of Star Wars that fans cannot get enough of. I’m talking about Grand Admiral Thrawn, obviously, and his inclusion in the upcoming series Ahsoka!

At the Star Wars Celebration panel for the new Disney+ series Ahsoka, we got a lot of information about the show. Apart from the trailer released at the bigger Lucasfilm panel on day one, what we learned about the series was that Ahsoka is trying to search for Grand Admiral Thrawn, a character that means a lot to fans of Rebels. And he’s being played by none other than Lars Mikkelsen!

Mikkelsen played Thrawn in animated series and is, for fans, the perfect choice to bring him into the live-action world. The panel also announced David Tennant’s return to the role of Huyang! Because if there is one thing that fans of Star Wars love, it is bringing characters from the animated world to life in our new Disney+ shows!

Thrawn will see you now

Mikkelsen has that same imposing energy that his brother, Mads Mikkelsen, does. And hearing the screams of the Celebration group when his casting was announced shows just how much fans appreciate his performance in general, because Mikkelsen is someone who can embody the imposing nature of Thrawn that fans expect from the character.

The looming dread that comes with Thrawn is littered throughout the trailer for Ahsoka and is something that fans can really feel and appreciate. And that comes from Dave Filoni and team making a show that highlights what we love about Star Wars and these characters as a whole.

(Featured image: noa grayevsky/Getty Images for RSL Management))

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