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The Flash Mob: We’ve Reached the “Finish Line” on Season 3 But Are We Satisfied?


Gets your speedsters ready, it’s about to go down in the comments section. We’ve reached the end of The Flash’s third season which means it’s time for that wonderful weekly open thread where we let it all hang out. If you haven’t watched the finale, what are you doing here? Spoilers are bound to pop up in these parts! Go acquaint yourself with “Finish Line” and then get back here to discuss!

I suppose I should be grateful that they didn’t linger on Iris’s fate but I am not happy that they chose the manner in which they did to explain how she lived. Remember that transmogrifier HR teased a few episodes back? Well, it came in real handy because he used to it switch places with young West and is therefore killed by Savitar. The move made perfect sense but that fakeout left me feeling empty since they made it look so easy.  Also, this means no more HR for us.

Meanwhile, Cisco and Killer Frost have continued that battle that we forgot didn’t end in the previous episode which is then interrupted by Savitar who needs Cisco alive so he can use that speed cannon to make himself immortal. Basically, it will spread him throughout time and space which means he’ll be everywhere at once…did I get that correct?

The clock is ticking on Time Remnant Barry and in order to buy himself more time for survival, he heads back over to S.T.A.R. Labs and pretends he wants to work with Current Barry and even attend the wedding. Why they were so quick to trust him I don’t understand but big shocker when he blows up the Philosopher’s Stone in an attempt to kill them all. Thankfully they all survived and Cisco, who is still alive thanks to G⸺sy, uses the Speed Canon as a skeleton key to free Jay Garrick.

Nice to see him and Harry Wells! I’m convinced that this show will never let go of Tom Cavanagh and that is okay with me. The show just wouldn’t be the same without him. I also dug the rejuvenated gang taking on Savitar and Killer Frost and Barry choosing not to go down the dark path of murder. And hey there Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost/Something Different! Isn’t this proof that she can keep her powers and possibly rejoin Team Flash?

P.S. Iris saving Barry after a whole season of him fighting to protect her is great (even if the show’s overall treatment of her character isn’t).

My least favorite part of the episode was seeing Central City practically destroyed just as we let out that collective breath we’d been holding all season. The end of the world threats couldn’t hold off for five minutes? Apparently not and now it’s time for Barry to sacrifice himself and take a vacation in the Speed Force for the time being. But don’t worry about him, friends. Rather than the neverending torture we’ve seen with Wally and Jay, this will be more like the heavenly dimension Buffy Summers found herself in at the end of season 5.

That means season 4 will kick off with no Barry around but at least there’s Kid Flash to keep the city safe. But also, Iris West gets shafted once again. She can never catch a break!

Extra bits:  

  • Why did Barry turn his back on an enemy that hadn’t yet been neutralized? Crime Fighting 101: Never let your guard down unless you know the threat has been secured!
  • Does this mean we’re getting Harry for the whole of next season?
  • I want a mini series of Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost trying to find herself in mundane activities like gardening or painting. Not sorry about it.

What did you all think of the finale? This season as a whole?

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