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The Flash Finally Enters Flashpoint and Things Are Way Off in New Trailer

Whoa, Doc, this is heavy.

Remember at the end of last season of The Flash when Barry went back in time to save his mother who was supposed to be die so he would end up living with the West family and eventually become The Flash? Well, now his closest friends don’t even know him since that key event has been erased thus setting off an alternate situation in which Cisco is wealthy and Iris is barely even an acquaintance.  What I’m referring to is Flashpoint—DC’s major crossover story arc and the title of Season Three’s premiere episode—and, just like in the comics, Barry is the only person aware of the changes.

In a new trailer, Cicso looks less than thrilled to help Barry undo this “whole new existence” and it’s not like I’d blame him. Who would want to leave a life of luxury only to be an incredibly smart and funny fighter of super villains with awesome t-shirts and—Okay, clearly I’m jonesing for old Cisco and the new season hasn’t even premiered yet.

While the event extends all the way to Justice Leaguers Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman in the comics, it looks like things will play out on a smaller scale on television due to the fact that DC’s film and TV properties operate in separate universes.

As Screen Rant pointed out, network president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that Flashpoint “bleeds over to every DC show” but did not elaborate to what extent. He also said that it will last “only for a couple of episodes before it comes back in” to the universe we all know. So is it possible that the Flash/Supergirl crossover musical ends up occurring as a result of this different existence?

I guess we’ll have to keep pondering that and more until the show returns on Oct. 4.

(via Comic Book Resources, image via Screencap)

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