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‘The F***?!’: Cardi B Nails All of Our Thoughts on Inflation

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The word “inflation” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. How can it not be? The price of gasoline keeps jumping up and down, groceries cost way more than they did a year ago, and the sizes of containers are getting smaller. And like the rest of us, Cardi B has thoughts on the matter.

Economists have predicted inflation for various reasons, like the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to pay off the Federal Economic Impact Payments that were given during the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020. Despite the proof that things are only getting worse, Bloomberg published an op-ed that was so out of touch that the internet tore them apart on Twitter.

According to CNN, new numbers are “10.6% more expensive, with grocery prices rising 12% and menu prices jumping 8.5%.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently stated that overall inflation is 7.1%. 

Even millionaire rapper Cardi B has noticed the change. The mother to Kulture and Wave reads her monthly bank statements and receipts to track her money. You can take someone out of the Bronx, but you can’t take the Bronx out of someone. Cardi noticed her grocery bill has “tripled up” over the past couple of months.

When fans comment on Cardi complaining about inflation, she responds:

“If I think that shit is crazy, I can only imagine what middle-class and people in the hood are thinking. Yes, I’m going to say something. I have a big platform, so I do want anyone responsible for these prices to put it down.”

Cardi B

Those who’ve been following Cardi since before her “Bodak Yellow” release are not surprised about the celebrity calling out socioeconomic inequity in her signature Cardi fashion. Like she said, “Of course I’m going to say something: The fuck?!”

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