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This is it: the very last episode in our complete Let’s Play through Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne. So if you were waiting to watch all of the episodes in one fell swoop, today is your lucky day! You can watch the entire play-through via this YouTube playlist and check out all of the tricky decisions that Michonne had to make in this game.

In last week’s episode, Michonne and her pals escaped a burning farmhouse that once was the home of Samantha and the rest of her family. It seems like everybody made it out alive, except for the people who got shot in the head before the fire even started. As Michonne walks towards the shoreline, she sees a ship in the mist. Instead of feeling happy to see it, she collapses to her knees as though struck by the tragedy of her situation. Now that our heroes are safe, I guess it’s time to reflect on all the death they’ve witnessed.

In silence, Michonne gets back up and walks to the edge of the water. Samantha joins her and they exchange a look of wordless sadness before turning back to gaze at the waves. Pete walks up to the two of them and says the crew’s going to sail the boat to the remains of Munroe (Norma’s encampment) and scavenge for supplies. He offers to drop Samantha and her two younger brothers off at another nearby encampment, presumably with Paige as well.

Samantha actually smiles at this, and then she turns and thanks Michonne for everything she has done. I think this is the first time that Samantha has seemed genuinely grateful as opposed to sarcastic and angry. She walks away, and Pete and Michonne get to talking about Berto, one of the shipmates who died in the shoot-out with Norma. Michonne says she’ll step up to the plate when it comes to taking care of duties on the ship, which Pete seems reluctantly glad to hear.

Pete then brings up the next awkward subject, which is Michonne’s PTSD flashbacks. Apparently, Pete overheard Michonne in the burning farmhouse having a conversation with her two kids, who (of course) were just a vision and not really there. Michonne tells him that she thinks now she’ll be able to move on and that the visions will stop. Pete looks skeptical. He suggests that Michonne go back and try to find her family, or at least see if they’re still around.

Michonne tells him she’ll go back when she’s “ready.” Pete cautions her, “Don’t take too long.” Michonne looks back at the other family on the shore, Samantha and her two younger brothers. They’re making their way over to the ship, and Pete soon follows. Michonne then casts her eyes towards the treeline and sees two familiar faces standing there: it’s another vision of her two daughters. Guess they’re going to keep on haunting her. But this time, instead of talking to them and apologizing again, she decides to walk away.

The game fades to black after that, at which point our Let’s Player Sam Riedel goes over her own thoughts on the choices she made in the game and her appreciation of the game’s portrayal of trauma and motherhood. Doesn’t hurt that it stars such a compelling main character, either!

What’d you think of our Let’s Play through this game? Would you like to see us do more Telltale Games, or do you prefer to see us throwing lanterns in our Rise of the Tomb Raider Let’s Plays? Has setting fires become the unintentional theme amongst all of our Let’s Play heroines so far? Anyway, let us know what you’re into!

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