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Our Let’s Play through Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne has reached the penultimate chapter of the third episode, which means that next week, we’ll be wrapping up the entire game. By the way, you can check out our entire play-through so far via this YouTube playlist!

To recap (with some major spoilers), last week’s episode featured an epic showdown between our trio of heroines and Norma, who wanted her brother Randall back. Randall also died in that episode, because Michonne killed him in self-defense. Given that, maybe Norma will be understanding about his loss … but let’s be real, she probably won’t be cool with it.

Although Michonne, Samantha and Paige managed to get inside the gates to the farmhouse and close them securely, those gates don’t hold for very long. The beginning of this chapter starts out with Norma and her cohorts breaking through them, along with a bunch of zombies. Michonne takes out a couple of oncoming enemies, but then she starts having a panic attack, sees some visions, and starts getting a little fuzzy around the edges.

Norma takes advantage of the moment by running up and trying to take Michonne out. Several quicktime events later, Michonne regains the upper hand and ends up killing Norma. Almost instantly, the zombies overtake her body and feast upon it. It’s truly a disgusting sight to behold. Not for the weak of stomach.

Michonne dashes back inside the farmhouse, where Pete is waiting with the rest of the crew from the ship. There are still plenty of zombies outside to take out. Unfortunately, several of Norma’s non-zombie underlings are also advancing upon the farmhouse, and they move a lot quicker and more cleverly than zombies do. You’d think that all the humans would come together on this one to fight against the zombies, but nope! Norma’s friends are probably still mad about the whole “Michonne burning down their entire encampment” thing.

In that spirit, one of Norma’s pals throws a Molotov cocktail into a farmhouse window, and even though Michonne shoots him, the thing still manages to set a serious fire once it lands inside. As Michonne crawls through the burning house, seeking an escape route, she continues to flash back to her previous trauma of leaving her children behind. In the real world, the children who need saving are Samantha’s two younger brothers; hopefully they’ll make it out in time, but given the survival track record of this game, I don’t have high hopes.

After downing a few zombies in the kitchen, Michonne heads upstairs, where she runs into more visions of the two children that she abandoned. This time, the visions stick around long enough that she has a conversation with them–well, she talks, and they don’t answer. Emotional closure is good, but being upstairs in a burning building is not a good time to have a conversation with a mental apparition!

Michonne gets jolted back into reality when she hears Samantha’s two younger brothers screaming for help. They’re trapped in a closet, which was the “fort” that the younger of the two used as his hiding place originally. With her machete and some powerful kicks, Michonne gets the door open and the two boys run out. Samantha shows up shortly after and is understandably relieved to find her brothers alive.

The four run across the rapidly deteriorating hallway and find a room that hasn’t yet been engulfed in flames. Samantha leads the two boys to the window, encouraging them to jump out onto the nearby roof and climb down from there. Meanwhile, Michonne gets another vision of her own two kids; this time, they aren’t blurry anymore, their faces finally clear. At last, they have a conversation where they respond to her; she says goodbye to them, although the scene doesn’t feel like it’s quite over, partly because it gets interrupted once again by Samantha’s voice in the real world.

Samantha’s two brothers have made it out the window; they’re scrambling onto the roof and hopping off to the ground, where Pete and his shipmates are waiting for them. I guess all the zombies and other enemies are dead? Seems like everybody on the ground is safe and out of the way of the spreading fire.

Upstairs in the burning house, Michonne keeps trying to talk to her not-actually-there children, while Samantha screams at her from across the room to get over to the window and escape. Meanwhile, the floor is collapsing, but Michonne is lost in her reverie. Samantha manages to get across the room and grab her, but Michonne has to choose to exit her memory before she can escape. She does end up leaving and jumping out the window. I wonder what would happen if she had stayed? Would the game have ended there, with Michonne dying alone in the burning house?

Anyway, Samantha and Michonne make it out of the window safely and land on the ground, where Michonne passes out. At least Pete and Samantha are there to look after her. Guess we’ll find out how the game comes to a conclusion next week!

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