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The third chapter of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne is building up to a thrill-packed climax. Have you stayed up to date on our Let’s Play through all three chapters of the game? Go ahead, dive into our YouTube playlist.

Anyway, in last week’s episode, we learned that Randall’s sister Norma was about to track down our heroes and demand her brother be returned. But she also still has Pete and his shipmates in her custody, and she’ll be trading them for Randall. Multiple captives in exchange for just one? Doesn’t seem like a fair trade, and unfortunately, Michonne’s the one at a disadvantage here.

Michonne, Samantha and Paige move Randall from his spot in the garage into the house proper. His hands have been removed from the vice and handcuffed together with cable ties. We get a brief glimpse of his hands and they don’t look too badly damaged, considering they were in a vice before. His face is still bruised and bloody, though, and Norma won’t be happy to see that.

Paige puts a bag over Randall’s head. He points out that Norma will probably still notice his broken fingers. Guess they must be hurt worse than they look, or he’s playing up the damage because he wants to scare his captors. The bag might work as a stalling tactic, but it won’t work for very long. Norma will soon see whether Randall’s really hurt, and then our heroes will be in hot water.

For some reason, the three women leave the room to talk and leave Randall unattended. Samantha points out that they’re basically screwed. Paige suggests making the trade and then immediately running away and abandoning their house. Norma can keep it, says Paige: “she knows where we are now,” so why bother sticking around? Samantha walks out, too upset to even consider the idea of abandoning her home. She’s suffered a lot of loss lately, so it makes sense that this would be too much, but there’s no time to dally around about this type of decision.

Paige and Michonne follow Samantha outside, which means they’re still leaving Randall alone in the house, and now they aren’t even in earshot. The two women find Samantha outside, where she’s dragging her dad’s dead body over to the backyard burial site. She wants to bury him immediately, but Paige doesn’t think they have time. Paige thinks they should all be packing to make a rapid escape. “I’m not going,” says a grim-faced Samantha. Paige walks off in a huff.

Samantha sits on the ground and insists she can’t leave the house; with her mother already buried there, and her dad soon to join the grave site, Samantha feels too emotional to leave. Plus, I think this place is actually her childhood home, although I don’t think it’s been directly specified, but in any case it’s been her family’s home for quite some time now — the only secure location she has during an apocalypse.

Michonne points out that it’s not safe to stay there, no matter the emotional attachment Sam might feel. Samantha believes “we can fight, we can defend this house!” Michonne doesn’t say anything. She quietly helps Samantha bring her dad over to the gravesite, at which point Sam starts digging, a task that she wants to do on her own (in spite of a wounded shoulder … bad ideas galore, from this girl).

Samantha tells Michonne the location of a duffel bag–one of the ones she stole from Norma, which started the whole mess in the first place. That bag contains weapons and supplies that Paige and Michonne will need if they have any hope of escaping. What’s going to happen to Samantha’s two siblings, though? They’re way too young to be making a decision about whether to stay or go, but isn’t Samantha their legal guardian now? Won’t she pressure them into staying at the house, even if it could result in all of them dying? Sounds like more tricky decisions for Michonne are coming up next …

We’ll have to wait and find out what the group decides to do next week!

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