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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3.4

This week’s chapter of The Walking Dead: Michonne brings us a funeral and some closure on the last few storylines, and a lot of ramping up before the final showdown with Norma. By the way, if you want to get caught up on all of the episodes before now, check out our full playlist on YouTube!

Last week, Michonne left Randall unattended while Samantha and Paige argued over whether or not to make a run for it. Whether or not Randall managed to escape in that time remains to be seen, but as far as we know, he’s still tied to a chair in the living room.

This new chapter opens up with Michonne walking through the house and finding one of Samantha’s younger brothers rooting through the duffel bag. You know, that duffel bag. The one with the supplies and weaponry that Samantha stole from Norma, thereby instigating the events of this entire darn game.

Anyway, the young boy is holding one of the handguns from the bag. Michonne catches him before he does anything stupid with it, and he explains that he just wanted to know how it would feel to hold one. Gotta be tough being a kid in an apocalypse, huh?

Michonne lets him hold onto the gun and removes one from the duffel bag for herself, checking to see if it has any ammunition inside. It doesn’t, so she starts to load it. The kid interrupts, asking if he can help. Time for a gun safety lesson, kiddo! He only loads in one bullet before his face falls and he starts welling up about his dead dad. Eventually, Michonne tells him to go to his sister and comfort her. The kid hands her back the handgun, admitting that he doesn’t think he’s ready to have one.

Michonne tells him to take the handgun to give to Samantha. (This kid keeps idly putting his finger on the trigger, which is terrible gun safety, but I guess Michonne isn’t worried about that.) The kid leaves, then Michonne leaves shortly after. As she walks through the hallway, she has one of her spooky flashbacks to seeing her children’s ghosts, then gets interrupted by the sound of the walkie-talkie on her hip. It sounds like that’s Randall’s voice on the walkie (!!) but that can’t be right … if he had escaped, I feel like the game would’ve shown us that.

Michonne heads upstairs to find Paige. Instead, she ends up finding a closet in which Samantha’s other sibling, the youngest brother, has holed himself up with a music box and a bunch of pillows. He calls it his fort and says he feels safe there. Damn, it’s gonna be hard to tear these kids away from this house. No wonder Samantha doesn’t want to leave. Plus there’s that trusty metal gate outside that has done a great job keeping out the zombies.

Apparently, this youngster didn’t yet hear that his dad is dead, so Michonne has to break that news to him. He gets really upset, obviously, but Michonne doesn’t stick around for very long to comfort him. She has to find Paige and help continue to pack all of their stuff. They’re in a big hurry here.

But where is Paige? Michonne wanders around upstairs and looks through some drawers. She finds a letter in a drawer that appears to be Samantha’s mom’s suicide note. After that, Michonne finds Paige, who is packing and still annoyed that Samantha isn’t getting it together. Paige is clearly worried about Norma, which is weird, because she’s never even met Norma before (as far as we know), but she did see what Randall can do, so maybe that’s enough precedent. Michonne tells Paige to circle back to Samantha and convince her to leave with them. And who’s going to take care of those two little boys?

Michonne heads downstairs and sees Samantha walking in the front door. Sam just finished burying her dad, and she wants to find her brothers so she can say a few words. While Samantha goes upstairs to find them, Michonne heads outside to the gravesite by herself; she takes a quiet moment to look at their mother’s grave, thinking of her own children. Shortly afterward, Samantha and her two brothers show up.

Samantha starts crying right away, unsure where to begin. She reminds everyone that both Greg and her dad are dead; I had forgotten about her brother Greg, since that was so many chapters ago. But really this is a funeral for two of Sam’s immediate family members. Michonne encourages Samantha to open about about what Greg and her dad meant to her. Sam complies and Michonne walks away from the grave, leaving the family to grieve in peace.

Michonne meets Paige on the front stoop. Paige finally seems a bit more sympathetic now that she sees how shaken up Michonne looks about the funeral. The two women have a brief exchange over the idea of family; even though Paige isn’t related to Samantha and her brothers, they’re a “family” because they’ve stayed together for a while, and that’s what’s important.

Norma interrupts the sympathy party by banging on the front gate. Our heroes run inside the house and Samantha tells the two young boys to go upstairs and hide together. They do so. Samantha grabs a rifle and hands it to Paige. Paige also goes upstairs, planning to hide out in a window with her eye on the front gate, covering Michonne if the trade-off goes awry.

Michonne tells Samantha to go grab Randall and then head outside. Randall had better still be tied up in the living room, like he’s supposed to be … otherwise this trade-off is definitely going to go off the rails. We’ll find out next week!

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