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Things We Saw Today: Netflix’s The Cuphead Show! Has Its King Dice and It’s Wayne Brady!

Roll the Dice!

King Dice in The Cuphead Show!

As we continue to make our way through Netflix’s Geeked Week, an announcement was made that unlocked a memory in the back of my gamer brain.

Rubber hose animation.

A cup and a mug sibling duo who were fool enough to gamble with The Devil.

And death.

Lots. And lots. Of death.

Because fighting to stop The Devil from making good on that whole “if you lose I get your soul” thing requires endless amounts of skill.

Cuphead is the definition of a gem when you talk about video games. Developed by indie game developer StudioMDHR, the game was a clear love letter to the cartoons from the 30s and, to me, became an instant classic in the gaming industry. It was full of creative levels, charming enemies, and a soundtrack that you can’t help but tap your foot to. It truly felt like you were going back to that time period when you played, and honestly, if it ever became an animated series (you see where I’m going with this) I’d embrace my inner nine-year-old and binge-watch the whole thing with cereal in hand.

The Cuphead Show! was greenlit by Netflix back in 2019 with Chad and Jared Moldenhauer from StudioMDHR serving as executive producers. While we’ve gotten voice acting announcements over the course of its production (such as Tru Valentino voicing Cuphead, Frank Todaro voicing Mugman, and Luke Millington-Drake voicing The Devil himself) there hadn’t been any news for who would be voicing King Dice.

While King Dice isn’t the main antagonist (he’s The Devil’s right-hand man) his swagger is off the charts. See, Cuphead and Mugman are tasked with collecting the “soul contracts” from The Devil’s runaway debtors and King Dice is the one you turn those contracts into so you can get to the next area of the game.

Now, look. I know King Dice is an enemy, but just… LISTEN to this song, y’all.

See what I mean by swagger? He’s the secondary antagonist who could very well be a main but he’s smart enough to not try and best The Devil.

Yeah, King Dice is a big deal, and that’s gonna be QUITE the part to play. If only there were a Wayne Brady around…

Not only did we get this announcement, but we also got a clip of Brady voicing the King himself.

That entrance.

The music.

The fact that he stopped that contestant from touching his mic.

It’s everything I imagined when I heard that Wayne Brady was voicing this character.

What I’m really looking forward to with this cartoon is more exploration of the world of Cuphead. There’s so much to look at in the video game, but you have a specific task to complete so there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room to get a look at the daily lives of these characters. This series will be the chance to do that, both with its main heroes and its antagonists. I wanna see more of this show King Dice is hosting and how I’m sure Cuphead will, inevitably, persuade his brother that associating with obvious tricksters is a good idea.

Don’t roll the dice, boys, it got you into a world of trouble with The Devil back in 2017.

The Cuphead Show! is coming soon on Netflix.

(Image: Netflix)

Here’s what else we saw today!

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  • Jujutsu Kaisen will be on an indefinite hiatus due to mangaka Gege Akutami’s health. Health always comes first and we wish him all the best during this time.
  • National Geographic welcomes The Southern Ocean, the 5th ocean in our world. (via Yahoo! News)
  • Oh shit here we go again…

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