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Can ‘Blood, Sex, and Royalty’ Fill The Void ‘The Crown’ Left?

Blood, Sex, and Royalty from Netflix

Much like The Crown, Blood, Sex, and Royalty promises to be part docuseries and part drama, following the life and events of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VII’s second wife of six. Her life has inspired a number of different films and TV shows, as the woman who would partly cause the King’s split from the Church, become a symbol for feminist ideals, and inspire various saucy rumors along the way.

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“In the 16th century, Anne Boleyn navigates treacherous sexual politics and rises to become Queen of England,” reads the description of the show. “She forges history as she reshapes King Henry VIII’s worldview, but she’s expected to give birth to a male heir and makes powerful enemies along the way.”

In terms of how it actually relates to The Crown, the historical divide is quite distant, with Anne Boleyn’s sister Mary being the 12 great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. However, what we’re really wondering is whether it can plug the dramatic royal drama hole that’s been gaping since we binged Season 5 of The Crown. At the moment, it’s ticking a lot of boxes.

Who’s in the Blood, Sex, and Royalty cast?

The show has attracted a number of British soap actors, with Coronation Street actress Amy James-Kelly and Emmerdale actor Max Parker taking on the lead roles of Anne Boleyn and King Henry. Joining them are Adam Astill, Lois Brabin-Platt, Karen Pirie actor Jhon Lumsden, Nikhita Lesler and Sophie Boettge.

Unlike The Crown, the show is also part documentary, so there’ll also be contributions from historians and authors throughout the show to add context and historical fact.

How to watch Blood, Sex, and Royalty

Blood, Sex, and Royalty is available to watch now on Netflix. There are just three episodes in the first season, and it’s unclear whether more seasons will follow at the moment.

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