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The Bud Light Outrage Crowd Is Now Melting Down Over a Miller Ad

A young woman (Ilana Glazer) walks through a room filled with beer paraphernalia.

There’s more foam in these mouths than in a freshly poured glass of Miller Light!

When I watched Kid Rock take an assault rifle to a couple cases of Bud Light to protest the brand’s recent sponsorship of Dylan Mulvaney I thought I had seen it all. Here was an angry, leather-faced has-been displaying an impotent show of rage towards a young woman who represents the future of American culture. It was perhaps the most out-of-touch and cringy thing I’ve ever seen. (On second thought, Kid Rock’s music is the most out-of-touch and cringy thing I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing, but this was a close second.) One would think that these irate bigots could find something more productive to do with what little time they have left in their wasted lives than (literally) taking shots at beer companies online, but one would be wrong.

The right-wingers of the internet have now set their sights on another beer company: Miller Light. Their crime? More “woke” advertising.

Miller Light recently came out with a commercial that essentially condemned their own old branding tactics. The commercial features Ilana Glazer calling out Miller Light on its history of sexist beer commercials, while highlighting the fact that women have been an essential element of the beer industry since people first decided they wanted to get drunk on fermented plant juice. In many ancient societies, women were primarily responsible for brewing beer. This is ironic, considering that brewing has been marketed as “men’s work,” but brewing’s reputation as a dudes-only job only came about during the industrialization of the beer brewing process. Since antiquity, women have been the ones responsible for making the grainy giggle juice that we all know and love.

It’s actually a pretty great ad:

But the neckbeards on the internet were not interested in these historical facts. Instead, right-wingers from the darkest and dankest corners of Twitter flocked to the commercial like vultures to lament the fact that another beer brand has gone “woke.” (“Looks like Miller Lite has jumped into the woke beer game,” wrote the ultra-conservative outlet Daily Wire. Never mind, I guess, that this ad actually came out a few months ago—before the whole Bud Light kerfuffle.)

“If @MillerLite had released an ad campaign returning to its roots with ppl having fun, masculinity and hot women, with a added bonus of dissing bud lite, they wld dominate the market in US for years. Instead, they green light this cringe. It’s like these ppl choose ideology over winning” wrote one random (but typical) sucker who actually PAID for one of Elon Musk’s blue checks. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that the True Meaning of Cringe was inside him all along.

Harvard Law Cyberlaw Clinic’s Alejandra Carabano was quick to point out the irony of the right-wing rage. “Women being acknowledged by a beer company is now considered woke. Last month, it was faux concern over women because Bud Light did an ad with a trans [woman]” she wrote in a Twitter post. A good, if unnecessary reminder that these trolls want to oppress all women equally, and not just pick and choose.

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