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All That’s Missing From ‘The Boys’ Season 4 Is the Word on Jensen Ackles

Season four of The Boys, which we now know is the penultimate round of these bloody shenanigans, is creeping ever closer to our Prime Video queues, and while we’re all ready to prepare our minds for the drama, preparing our stomachs for this Vought-sponsored grindhouse is another story.

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Indeed, at this point, there’s blood on just about everyone’s hands, and that’s likely only going to escalate as time goes on; the Seven are looking as merciless as ever, especially with the notorious Firecracker joining their ranks. Even Hughie, whose relationship to violence has tossed and turned as he gets deeper and deeper into this world, might find himself on the other wrong end of a smoking gun more than a few times this season.

But if there’s any character who would absolutely relish the opportunity for a bit of fatal payback (pun intended), it’s Soldier Boy; whether or not he’ll actually get the chance to wreak his specific brand of havoc is another question.

Will Soldier Boy be in The Boys season four?

It’s hard to say. We know that Vought’s OG golden boy is still alive somewhere, with the murder-happy Supe having been placed into government custody following his fateful encounter with Queen Maeve. And while Jensen Ackles hasn’t yet been confirmed to reprise the role in season four, such a confirmation would probably lean too heavily into spoiler territory for anyone’s liking.

If he does emerge, it will be interesting to see how he’ll fit into this particular battlefield. After Butcher attacked him during their joint confrontation with Homelander, Soldier Boy may need to exercise a newfound grudge against the titular antiheroes; the previous hunt for Homelander’s head, after all, was mostly transactional.

On the other hand, Soldier Boy’s also no great fan of Vought after they neutralized him for the sake of replacing him with Homelander, so if Soldier Boy is in season four, he’ll probably have to pick a poison and run with it. That’s assuming, of course, he enters combat at all.

Season four of The Boys will premiere its first three episodes on June 13, with subsequent episodes releasing every Thursday until the season finale on July 18.

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