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The Best ISFP Anime Characters

I’m bored.

Not in the like “there’s nothing to do today” way but in the “what is my life?” way. Seriously, is this it? We get up. We eat breakfast. We go to work. We go home. We pass out. We do it again. We go out for “drinks” or whatever with friends, but spending money at a bar just to drown our ennui with an overpriced cocktail doesn’t sound like anyone’s idea of “adventure”. I don’t get it. Don’t INTJs get sick of sitting around being right all the time? Don’t ENFPs get tired of dealing with people. I do. I want something new. I want to get my hands dirty. I want to take a risk. Go hang-gliding or something. Start a fire. I don’t know. So because I’m bored out of my existential gourd right now, I’m coming up with a list of ISFP anime characters like me to see if I can feel something again. Get excited.

Spike Spiegel

spike and faye in Cowboy Bebop
(image credit: sunrise)

This guy has the life. All he does is ride around on a spaceship and fight people. The dude is either chilling on the couch or on an adventure bringing in some space bounty. It’s awesome. It’s thrilling. It’s the life I want. Could someone please tell Elon Musk to hurry the up and make space travel available for everyone, because I need to get out of the place where I am. Seriously Spike’s life looks amazing. He shoots guns for crying out loud. Spike is textbook ISFP because he lives on the edge. He’s also a hard person to get to know. Spike doesn’t want to talk about things, he wants to do things. He wants to live, even if the living kills him someday. It’s better than working in some Martian office or working as a solar system trucker traveling in a straight line with nothing but boring lonely light years of space ahead. Cause yeah, Spike gets lonely. We all do. But he doesn’t need a lot of people in his life to feel fulfilled. He only needs one person it seems, and that’s his lost love Julia. If I had this guy’s life I would have never made the mistake of letting someone like that go.


Saitama defeats Boros
(image credit: MAPPA)

Saitama is the strongest man in the universe. He’s also bored as shit. I get it. He can knock anyone out in one punch. And when I say “knock out” I mean obliterate completely. Vaporize. They’re nothing but a smear left on the ground. So he never has a challenge. Nothing means anything to him. ISFPs need goals to work towards to feel fulfilled. Saitama became the strongest person in existence. When you’re number one, there’s nowhere else to go. And it’s not like he has to defend his title. No one even comes close to being how strong he is. And he can’t do any kind of cool, risky stuff like sky diving or bungee jumping because there isn’t any risk involved. He could probably fall from 30,000 feet onto solid concrete and walk it off without a scratch. Doesn’t exactly get your blood pumping if you know you’re gonna be fine. So what does he do all day? He plays video games. You can’t muscle your way out of a challenging game. If he gives it too much juice he’ll probably break the controller. Better than nothing, I guess.


guts from berserk
(image credit: GEMBA)

Talk about what a hard life this guy has. He’s on a revenge quest to kill the evil bastard who murdered his comrades and raped his girlfriend. He’s been branded with a curse that makes demons follow him wherever he goes, and when they find him he kills them with a big-ass sword. He travels from town to town slaughtering those motherfuckers in an effort to find the demon prince who caused him so much pain. It’s a nasty existence, but I bet it isn’t boring. Not saying I’d want this guy’s life, mind you. But eventually he does find a new group of friends and even finds his girlfriend again. He’s a loner, but his life gets better when other people are around. He wasn’t always like that. He used to be a wandering mercenary, and seemed like his was stirred on by nothing but a sense of ennui. He even quit his old mercenary group the Band of The Falcon at the height of their success because he wanted something different. It’s the thing that got him into the mess he’s in now. But I get it, you can’t stay in one place for too long, or things start to get old.

Shinya Kogami

(Image credit: production I.G.)

Shinya Kogami’s got an interesting life too. A hard one, but an interesting one. He’s what the futuristic society of Psycho-Pass calls a “latent criminal”, a person who hasn’t committed a crime, but is likely to based on his psychiatric profile. So rather than get arrested like other latent criminals and sit around bored as hell behind bars, he decides to work with law enforcement to hunt down people like him. It takes a thief to catch a thief, I guess. He’s cold and detached, which allows him to do that sort of work without any qualms. And it’s probably rewarding to him because it’s a risky line of work, never a dull moment when you’ve got people trying to kill you all the time. Like other ISTPs, he’s a hard guy to get to know, and he lets very few people in. He does eventually develop a friendship with his handler Akane Tsunemori. Don’t get the wrong idea, we’re not all a bunch of misfits. But we just don’t really “fit” in a lot of places, know what I mean?

Annie Leonhart

(image credit: MAPPA)

Now this kid has the quite the life as well. Annie Leonhart became a career soldier in her teens, and acts as a spy for an overseas government. She also has the ability to turn into a giant titan as well, and wreak absolute havoc on the battlefield. An emotionally detached person, Annie is able to spend countless hours with her “comrades” in the military she was sent to spy on, and is also able to easily betray them when her cover is blown. It’s the kind of job that only an ISTP could do. You need someone individualistic, self-motivated, cool headed, and cold hearted for wet-work like this. Once again, we’re not all machines, but we can be convinced to do a lot of things if those things are exciting. Still, a lot of the people on this list would probably live happier lives if they were sky diving instructors or fire fighters or something. Maybe that’s what I should do. See y’all later, I think I’m gonna jump out of a plane today and see how I feel afterwards.

Featured image credit: Sunrise

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