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The Best ENFJ “Protagonist” Anime Characters

Demon Slayer Tanjiro and his scar

I am the main character in my life.

Some people call that way of thinking a syndrome. But it’s not. It’s a choice. It’s a way of living. I’m not some smarty person with glasses who sits on the sidelines and just thinks all day. And I’m not just here to be someone’s entertainment. No, I’m passionate. I’m strong. And I have desire to make a difference that burns with the heat of 1,000 suns. I want to do something good. I want to be a beacon of hope to the hopeless. I want to do something that will save the literal world. And then, everyone will have no choice but to praise me – I mean – be happy. So inspire myself and others, I’m putting together a list of anime characters who are totally heroes changing the world they live in.


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Tanjiro is trying to change the world by killing things. And not just any “thing”, but demon “things”. Demon Slayer wouldn’t be Demon Slayer without Tanjiro because he’s literally the only one slaying demons. Yeah there are other characters doing it too I guess, but we’re not talking about them. Tanjiro wants to make the world a better place by killing all the demons, because demons killed his family. Well, he doesn’t want to kill every demon. Because of his totally altruistic ENFJ personality, he’s also trying to figure out a way to save his little sister who got turned into a demon. Because that’s what heroes do. Tanjiro is total “Protagonist” material because 1. he’s literally the series protagonist and 2. because trying make a difference. You go Tanjiro. You’ll never make as much of a difference as I will, but def keep trying! All Might

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All Might is trying to change the world by beating things to within an inch of their life so that they wish he would just kill them. Because that’s also what heroes do. And All Might is a hero. I mean, what did you expect? He’s a character in a series called My Hero Academia so he’d better be a hero. That’s called adhering to brand identity and apparently that’s what heroes do, too. But All Might isn’t just any hero. He’s the greatest hero in the world. He runs around saving people even though it does catastrophic damage to his internal organs because that is also what heroes do. He doesn’t let his old injuries interfere with his burning desire to make a difference in the world and help people. And neither do I. I stubbed my toe getting milk out of the fridge and I still had the courage to write this article to inspire people. Because again, THAT’S WHAT HEROES DO.

Tamaki Suoh

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Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club is totally main character protagonist material. While he isn’t trying to save the entire world like other ENFJs on this list, he’s trying to make a difference in his own world. And what world is that? A world that needs it: his rich boarding school. That’s right. Rich people need heroes too! And Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos can’t be the only ones! No, Tamaki Suoh isn’t building a world-eating corporation or trying to land dick-shaped rocket ships on the moon (even though he totally could). Instead, he’s built his own company, a Host Club for high schoolers. He saw that the girls at his school needed a group of hot boys to goggle over and spend their daddies’ money on, and he was brave enough to step up to the plate and fill that need. He also recruited only the handsomest sad boy loners who really needed some love and friendship in their lives, because making hot friends is what heroes do. Tamaki Suoh is an ENFJ hero because he burns with a desire to make people happy, more specifically, teenage girl people (the saddest of all people). It’s his dream that every girl at his school feels romantically fulfilled, even if they have to pay to do it. Because getting teenagers to buy your love also what, you guessed it, heroes do.

Johnathan Joestar

(image: Viz media)

Johnathan Joestar is the definition of ENFJ “hero material”. He’s hot. He has hot friends. And he (literally) burns with the desire to make a difference. That’s right! Johnathan Joestar of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has magical burning light powers that uses to slay the evil creatures of the night. And not just any creature of the night, but the worst creature of the night: Dio Brando. Johnathon, like the ENFJ he is, tried to make friends with Dio (because Dio is also kinda hot) but eventually Dio proved to be way to evil and started doing creepy vampire stuff. And that is not what heroes do. So Johnathan made it his life’s mission to defeat Dio and save the world from his evil gross influence. And he succeeded. Johnathan Joestar did the ultimate act of good and gave up his life to defeat Dio. Because that’s what *breathes in* HEROES FUCKING DO!!!!!! Unlike his descendants, who are kind of all dicks, Johnathan is the only Joestar totally good. Besides defeating Dio, one of the major goals in his cut-to-short life was to become “true gentleman”. Well Johnathan, I think you succeeded. The other heroes on this list could learn a thing or two from you, because learning life lessons from dead people is not necessarily something that heroes do, but it should be.


(image credit: CloverWorks)

Emma from The Promised Neverland is honestly the mightiest main-character-ENFJ-protagonist hero on this list. Honestly, she puts every other hero on this list to shame, because putting other heroes to shame by being better than they are is what better heroes do. Emma isn’t a big strong man like All Might, she isn’t a teen heartthrob like Tamaki, and she isn’t a magical murder boy like Tanjiro. She’s a 12-year-old girl. But inside that 12-year-old girl there is a hero heart that burns with the heat of 1,000,000,000,000 suns. That’s one trillion suns. What makes her such a hero? She is a little girl born on a farm that grows human children to feed to demons. She makes a plan to escape the farm with every other child there, including the ones who are too young to do so. This means that she has to escape the farm, solve the world’s demon problem, then come back for the kids that she left behind. And on top of that, she wants to do it without killing the demons of the world. She is the ultimate force of good who thinks that genocide is wrong no matter what fucked up species is trying eat her. Suck on that, Tanjiro. Emma is a perfect ENFJ because she burns with the desire not only to help every human on earth, but every sentient being on Earth. Now THAT making positive change in the world. And that kind of thinking is what…

*climbs to the top of a mountain and jumps off*


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