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The Best Demon Girl Anime, Ranked

Y’all are freaky. But it’s cool, I don’t judge. You’ve got a thing for demon girls? Honestly, that’s pretty normal in the anime world. At least you’re not asking me about step-sibling anime. I could give you a list for that too, but I’d feel icky about it.

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I’m not gonna tell your secret. I’m here to be of service. I’m here to give you what you want. And if what you want is anime featuring malicious girls with horns that will eat you as soon as look at you, then I’ll make sure you get it. I’ll even rank them for you, because I love you that much. Here are the best demon girl-centric animes.

10. Chainsaw Man


All right, so technically the girls in this anime are “devils” and “fiends.” Not actual “demons”. Any D&D player worth their salt would fire up a Category 5 shitstorm in the comments section if I failed to make this distinction. But you’re not here for technicalities, are you? You’re here for scary hell girls. Look no further than Makima and Power. Makima spends her time leading the main character (and the internet at large) around by his …. lust, and Power only adds some icing to this devil’s food cake. These girls are ruthless, maniacal, and just your type.

9. Overlord


I’m sure there would be death threats in my inbox if I failed to include this anime. The internet thirst for Albedo, the succubus paramour of the main character, could not be parched with all the waters of the river Styx. She’s everything you from a demon girl. She’s beautiful, she’s evil, and she’s tremendously horny. She’s also a demon that can be tamed. She’s madly in love with the skeletal Overlord, and will do anything for him. Including killing you. She already despises humans, so it won’t be hard to convince her.

8. Claymore

(Madman Entertainment)

This series is about a whole organization of demon girls who wander through not-Medieval Europe slaying demons that are even bigger and scarier than they are. They ingest some of the flesh of these demons in order to gain their power, and are always teetering dangerously close to becoming full-fledged demons themselves. I’m sure that you’ll love fantasizing about being the only person who can stop them from abandoning their humanity. You can do anything with the power of love, can’t you?

7. Elfen Lied

(Arms/Studio Guts)

This series is about a species of humanoids called Diclonii, who have the appearance of young girls with horns. They’re also bloodthirsty creatures with invisible psychic arms that they use to eviscerate people. I’m sure you’re even more interested now. This series is violent as hell, pun intended.

6. Higurashi: When They Cry

A character in Higurashi When They Cry swings a weapon.
(Studio Deen)

So Higurashi doesn’t have any girls that are actually from hell, but they might as well be. These girls are affected by a supernatural curse, which causes them to love murder. Rena is especially scary, and has a thing for staring creepily into space and then going after people with machetes. She could be your new demonic little sister! You could do all sorts of cute things together! Like filling bento boxes with murder weapons and delivering them to your classmates! Then using them! Yes, this is an actual scene in the show!

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5. Bleach


This series is lousy with demon girls. You could spit and hit one. I really wouldn’t advise doing that though. They will eat your soul. Be on the lookout for a character called Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. She’s the demon girl to end all demon girls. I’m sure that you’ll be an instant fan. She wears a skull on her head, carries a sword, and can turn into a centaur. What more could you ask for?

4. Hellsing


You can’t have a list of demon girl anime without including Seras Victoria! It would be criminal. And I’m sure you’d be thrilled for her to arrest you. Seras is a member of the Hellsing Organization, a covert supernatural agency whose primary focus is hunting down and eliminating supernatural threats. Seras starts the series as a normal gal, but is turned into a vampire after receiving a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. Her new vampire powers allow her to go full-fledged demon girl and wipe the floor with some of the series’ most evil of foes.

3. Death Note

(image credit: Madhouse)

In all ways but physical, Misa Amane is a demon girl. And even that is debatable! She’s the lover of Light Yagami, a ruthless bastard of a kid who uses mass murder to become “god of the new world.” And she does whatever he tells her to! She has a sick devotion to Light, and he’s even able to convince her to give up half her life force in order to acquire the eyes of a god of death. She ticks all the boxes. Red eyes. Gothic outfit. Fanatical devotion to an evil cause. All the qualities that’d you put in a “seeking demon girl” Craigslist ad.

2. Tokyo Ghoul


Demon girls abound in this series! Technically they’re “ghoul girls”, as they’re not actually denizens of hell but rather a breed of flesh-eating monster. This series is kicked off by an iconic demon girl named Rize Kamishiro, who tries to eat the protagonist after their first date. I’m sure plenty of you hope your first date with a demon girls goes that well too! She dies in the first episode though, but the demon girl void is filled by Touka Kirishima. She’s equal parts sweet and murdery, and struggles to find the balance between her two opposing personality traits. I’m sure you’d tell her that you’re a fan of both.

1. Demon Slayer

(Fuji TV)

Nezuko is one of the few good demons on this list. But don’t let that get you down, she’s still super murdery! She became a demon after being attacked by the most powerful demon in existence, but is able to retain her humanity due to her older brother’s love. So cute! Normally, she would have to eat human flesh in order to survive, but she ends up restoring her energy by sleeping all day! What a thoughtful workaround! She’s not really big on talking, and prefers to communicate with her fangs and teeth. By sinking them into the flesh of other demons.

What are some of your favorite animes that feature demonic ladies?

(Featured image: Fuji TV)

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