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The Best Anime Characters Who Fit the Myers-Briggs ISFJ Personality

*pushes tips of index fingers together*

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Hey… so um… I heard that you wanted to know who the best INFJ anime characters are. That’s really cool (you’re really cool). What? No, I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t trying to compliment you because I know we don’t know each other well enough for that. Not that I wouldn’t want to compliment you! You’re really cool! (omg did I say that out loud?). Anyway, are you sure you don’t want to get to know these ENFP or ESFJ anime characters? They’re super cool and confident and are way better at this sort of thing than me. Not that I don’t want to talk to you! I do, I just… never mind! Okay so if you really don’t mind me talking for a while, here are some of the anime characters who I think are the coolest INFJs around. Not that the other INFJs aren’t cool, of course!

Hinata Hyuga

(image credit: Pierrot)

So Hinata is definitely one of the most awesome INFJs on this list. I wish I was as strong as her. She’s a super powerful ninja. She comes from the Hyuga clan, so she inherited the Byakugan, which is an eye technique that allows her to see in almost every direction simultaneously. She also knows the Hyuga clan’s Gentle Fist technique, which is a close-quarters combat technique that allows her to strike at her opponent’s chakra paths directly and inflict massive damage on them. Sorry if this is too violent! I know that this isn’t really about her personality, so I’ll get to that now! Despite being really strong, she’s also really sweet. She’s shy and introverted (which I totally get) and she had a huge crush on Naruto when she was a kid. She could barely talk to him, cause he was… you know… really cool you like you. I MEAN- um… ANYWAY, she’s grown up a lot since she was young, and even though she’s still soft-spoken, she’s really settled into herself and become a confident person. She also adores her family, and is always trying to protect and support the people in her life. I guess that’s why they call the INFJ personality type “The Defender” right? At least I think that’s what they call it. But I could be wrong!

Nezuko Kamado

(image credit: Ufotable)

Nezuko from Demon Slayer is also totally an ISFJ character. When she was still human, she was a kind and caring person who loved her older brother, Tanjiro, dearly. She also was a responsible older sister to her younger siblings. After becoming a demon, she lost a lot of the complexities of her original personality, but she still fiercely defends her brother. Maybe now more than ever before! Not saying that she didn’t love her brother before, obviously she did, but she didn’t have… you know… demon powers. Seeing how Nezuko retained her love her brother and will fight for him, tooth and nail, it makes sense to say that being a Defender is the core of her personality. It’s the core of mine too. I’d rip the spine out of whoever so much as looks at you funny. SORRY WHAT? I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING.

Sophie Hatter

(image credit: Studio Ghibli

Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle is an amazing ISFJ character. Not saying she’s better than anyone else on this list! That would be totally rude. Everyone on this list is totally awesome in their own way. They’re all just different! Sophie is different because she doesn’t have 360-degree vision or demon fangs, so she can’t physically defend anyone (but she has fingernails… go for the eyes…). Sophie emotionally defends people and takes care of others. She’s originally a shy and reserved young woman, but after she’s cursed by The Witch of the Wastes to become old, she stops caring about what other people think and becomes way more outspoken (I hope I get that way when I’m old). She’s always looking after Howl, even when he turns into an emo bird monster (so cool), and she even takes in the Witch of the Wastes when she loses her powers (I would have crushed the bitch under my heel for threatening Howl) which was a really kind and generous thing for her to do! Sophie has, by far, the biggest heart out of any character in Howl’s Moving Castle, so it’s only fair that she ends up with the most handsome man in all of anime at the end. So maybe that means I can be with someone as beautiful as you someday—I DIDN’T SAY THAT OUT LOUD OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT BIRD OVER THERE.

Mumen Rider

(image credit: MAPPA)

Most ISFJ anime characters are girls, but Mumen Rider shows that boys can be ISFJs too (puny as this one is). So um… anyway! Mumen Rider isn’t exactly the strongest person on this list. I’m pretty sure even Sophie Hatter could decimate him in a fight. His only superpower, after all, is riding a bike and miraculously surviving attacks from super-powered beings that would turn any other human into person flavored jelly. Despite his lack of physical strength, he is a fierce defender of humanity, and regularly stands up to foes who outclass him by a magnitude of 10. He will never hesitate to pedal headlong into battle with enemies who are stronger than he is in order to defend the weak and the innocent. He’s only a Class C hero, but that’s okay! He tries really hard. (Though I would never be content with such weakness, I would swallow the still beating heart of a god if it meant I could hold you to my muscular bosom and shield you from harm). KIDDING! Totally kidding. Lol, random right?

Momo Yaoyorozu

(image credit: bones)

Honestly, Mom Yaoyorozu has it all. She’s the smartest student in her class (seriously, she’s a genius), she’s got superpowers, she’s strong, she’s beautiful, she’s charismatic, she’s literally everything I want to be! She’s also super sweet and respectful towards others, and comes off as reserved. She’s so confident though! She thrives under pressure, and she’s unafraid of a challenge. She even puts up with her annoying classmate’s comments about her costume, as she needs to have a lot of exposed skin to use her powers. I wish I was that confident. She also fiercely defends her classmates, and never backs down from a fight. She’s also really rich, like really rich, but she never lets her wealth make her stuck up and arrogant. She’s so cool (so powerful. I would sneak into her house and rob her blind. Leave her entire family penniless. Bankrupt. And use my newfound wealth to build a robotic super suit with which I can defend you from all threats. Be they foreign, domestic, extraterrestrial, demonic, or simply a cute girl who might steal your attention. I would claw my way to heaven and destroy God himself for harming one hair on your beautiful head. My absolute. My everything. My dearest, burning love).

I said what I said.

Featured image credit: Pierrot

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