Barbie and Ken pose for mugshots, wearing neon rollerblading gear. Barbie stares straight ahead, looking scared, while Ken turns to the side and grins.

Here Are Our 12 Favorite ‘Barbie’ Mugshot Memes

Now updated with even! more! memes!

UPDATE: The memes just kept coming after we originally published this article, so we’ve updated it with even more memes!

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Barbie is coming! Ken is, too, I guess. And they’re both getting up to some very meme-able shenanigans!

In Barbie, coming out July 21 (yes, the same day as the atomic bomb movie), Barbie (Margot Robbie) finds out that she has to leave Barbie Land and go to the real world to discover what’s going wrong in her home. She gets in her lil’ pink convertible, makes sure Ken (Ryan Gosling) has his roller blades, and drives straight into real life. Or, at least, Venice, CA, which bears a passing resemblance to real life.

That’s where she and Ken promptly get arrested! In one of the funniest shots in the trailer, Barbie and Ken get their mugshots taken. Barbie looks stunned and terrified, but Ken is clearly having a blast. Instead of staring straight ahead, he gives the camera a three-quarter angle and a winning smile.

Whatever this dynamic is, it perfectly sums up so many fictional relationships—and that fact wasn’t lost on fan artists. One person on Twitter put out the call to insert everyone’s favorite ships into the mugshot.

As you can expect, the responses are nothing short of incredible. Here are our very favorites!

The Last Airbender-themed Barbie mugshot memes

Zuko and Sokka: the ship I never knew I needed in my life.

Star Trek-themed Barbie mugshot memes

There are several Star Trek versions of the Barbie mugshot meme out there, providing yet more evidence that Star Trek is enjoying a fabulous renaissance among sci fi fans.

Marvel-themed Barbie mugshot memes

If you’re a Marvel fan, you can’t go wrong with some Yelena/Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, Loki/Mobius from Loki, or Miguel/Peter Parker and Gwen/Miles from Across the Spider-Verse. All conveniently presented in Barbie mugshot meme form!

I honestly feel like the Kate/Yelena one could be reversed and work equally well? After all, Yelena did that whole mac and cheese monologue. Whatever, I love this version, too.

Stranger Things-themed Barbie mugshot memes

How about Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson, a ship for the ages?

Naruto-themed Barbie mugshot memes

Would any ship meme be complete without Naruto and Hinata from Naruto?

Muppets-themed Barbie mugshot memes

These might be the memes that really broke my brain. Here’s the timeless romance between Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy:

And, finally, the very best entry I’ve seen so far—Bert and Ernie. Absolutely inspired, 10/10, no notes.

I’ll be honest, when I heard that a Barbie movie was coming, I was skeptical. They’ve been making Barbie movies and shows for years—how good could this one be? Based on how instantly this the mugshot hit the pulse of every fandom on Earth, though, I’d say Greta Gerwig is going to take us on a fantastically wild ride this July.

Meanwhile, you can click through to the original Twitter post at the top of this article to see even more weird and wonderful ships people have drawn.

(featured image: Warner Bros.)

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