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‘The Acolyte’ Trolls Respond to Episode 5 Success With More Lies and Rumors

As the ridiculous manufactured controversy around The Acolyte rages on, rumors have surfaced that Amandla Stenberg was fired by Disney.

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The Acolyte is the latest si original series. It takes place during the High Republic and follows twin sisters Mae and Osha (Amandla Stenberg), who develop a very complicated relationship with the Jedi Order and a mysterious Sith Master. The show has received very positive reviews from critics and fans, with many hailing the most recent episode, “Night,” as nothing short of a masterpiece. However, that hasn’t stopped trolls from relentlessly attacking the show and drowning out legitimate fan reactions and discussion with their harassment and complaints.

Bigots have been disgruntled by The Acolyte’s inclusive cast and female representation, leading them to review-bomb the show, issue death threats to Wookieepedia editors, and launch disgusting racist attacks on Stenberg. Most recently, they started circulating rumors that Stenberg was fired by Disney and would not be appearing in further Star Wars projects.

Was Amandla Stenberg actually fired?

Stenberg has not been fired from The Acolyte, nor is there any indication Disney has cut ties with her. While she’s not currently slated to appear in any further Star Wars projects, the possibility of future appearances remains open. It seems the rumors may have begun with Mike Zeroh, a YouTuber who has a reputation for making up complete lies and using them for clickbait. On June 25, he uploaded a video claiming that “woke actress” Stenberg was removed from all The Acolyte projects.

X users also circulated the video and pushed their own lies that Stenberg was supposedly fired for her performance in The Acolyte or because of the song she released firing back at racist trolls. Some even speculated that her “Discourse” song was released in response to her alleged firing, even though she confirmed on Instagram that it was a response to internet users who wouldn’t stop inundating her with “intolerable racism.” also speculated that some viewers may have somehow confused Stenberg with Karyn McCarthy, a producer who was fired from The Acolyte and filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Lucasfilm. However, the issue is entirely unrelated to Stenberg and the rest of the cast. As a result, Stenberg will continue appearing in The Acolyte, and the door will remain open for her to star in future projects.

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