The Sith Master in Star Wars: The Acolyte.

Every Sith Needs a Darth Name—And Fans Have One for the Latest Member

Every Sith lord needs a Darth X name—and fans have already dubbed the newest bad guy making his debut in The Acolyte.

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Warning: spoilers ahead for episode 5 of The Acolyte.

The identity of Mae’s mysterious Master was revealed in episode 5, but not before we got plenty of chilling shots of his toothy mask. The antagonist made a dramatic cliffhanger appearance at the end of episode 4 and was soon kicking ass and taking names against a team of seven Jedi.

It took several dead Jedi and the particularly heartbreaking loss of Jecki to unmask the villain, revealing that it was none other than the heavily-speculated Qimir. His smiling facade dropped to unveil a surprisingly spooky nemesis for the Jedi, confirming that “Jedi like Sol” would call him a Sith.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a Sith, seeing as it’s a roundabout way of saying it. Some fans have even started speculating about whether he could be an early iteration of the Knights of Ren. They share a certain half-Sith vibe that is rarely seen in the more black-and-white (or red-and-blue) world of Star Wars.

Still, if it fights like a Sith, has a red lightsaber like a Sith…it’s probably a Sith. The only thing Qimir is missing is a Darth name. We’ve had Darth Sidious, Vader, Plageuis, Maul, and more—so what would his name be?

Who is Darth Teeth?

Well, fans think they’ve already come up with the perfect name for him, based on his toothy mask. Darth Teeth refers to the metallic design of the teeth on his mask, something that we’re sure to see make a return.

His mask may have been pulled off by Jecki and partially damaged by Yord (RIP our favorite himbo) but Qimir (or whatever his real name is) picked it up as he returned to the scene at the end of the episode. We last saw him crouched by the side of Osha, with Mae having impersonated her sister to gain access to the Jedi ship, so it’s safe to say we won’t have seen the last of Qimir aka Darth Teeth and his creepy helmet yet.

Of course, this isn’t an official name and if Qimir really is a Sith, perhaps he will still reveal his real name. He seems reticent to offer much insight into who he is and what he truly wants, aside from “freedom,” so who knows how long we’ll need to wait for concrete information. For now, we’re happy to go on calling him Darth Teeth.

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