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The 7 Best Studio Bones Anime

Eureka and Renton hold hands while falling from the sky

I have a bone to pick. Seven of them.

While studios like MAPPA are frolicking in the sweet sunshine of success with anime like Attack On Titan and Chainsaw Man, it’s easy to forget that there are OTHER anime studios making some pretty sweet work. And when I say “easy,” I mean “a cardinal sin” to forget. After all, it’s easy to sin. But walking in the divine light of another anime studio is a difficult task indeed. And Studio Bones is that divine light.

Say what you will about MAPPA, or Wit Studio, or Ufotable, or whatever anime studio is currently tickling your fancybits. Bones gives them all a run for their money. This studio is responsible for some of the greatest anime titles to ever hit the market. And while they aren’t quite legends like Toei, they deserve a very high slot indeed in the anime studio pantheon.

Why? Let’s count down the reasons.

7. Noragami

the cast of Noragami

Norigami follows a minor god named Yato. (He’s over 18, though. He’s not the God of Fake IDs or anything.) Yato has big dreams of someday having a shrine and being worshipped by humans. You know what? Relatable goal. Who doesn’t want an effigy built in their honor that the local plebes will bow and pray to? Who doesn’t want to be WORSHIPPED?

Anyway, one day Yato is saved from getting hit by a bus by a high school student named Hiyori, who then takes the bus to the face herself. Her spirit becomes unattached to her body, and she begs Yato for help returning to it. Yato agrees, for a fee. Yato then starts selling his godly services to get rid of phantoms and break curses. You know, god stuff.

6. Space Dandy

Space Dandy and his friends in the promo art!

Made by Cowboy Bebop creator Shinchiro Watanabe, this hidden gem follows the exploits of an intergalactic wannabe ladies man. It’s basically Johnny Bravo in space. The titular Space Dandy explores far off worlds, tries and fails with alien ladies, and usually blows himself up somewhere in the process. The series is a comedic romp and totally worth it if you’re in the mood for something plain old silly.

5. Mob Psycho 100

Mob about to use his powers

You might know One Punch Man, but do you know Mob Psycho 100? Made by the same creator, this story follows a shy young schoolboy named Mob as he learns to navigate his psychic powers. But “powers” is an understatement. This kid is a transcendental nuclear weapon. Mob is to psychics what One Punch Man is to other super heroes. There is no one who can compare to his awesome power. The problem is he doesn’t have any confidence! And that’s where fake psychic and Tumblr Sexyman Reigen Arataka comes in. Reigen is Mob’s “mentor,” despite having no powers himself. The two work together to exorcise evil spirits from the world.

4. Soul Eater

The cast of Soul Eater

Soul Eater takes place in the world of Death City (formally Detroit) and follows the adventures of three students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Their job is simple. All they have to do is capture the spirits of evil humans and witches and convert them into Death Scythes, the weapons used by The Grim Reaper. But hold on! There’s a nepobaby in the mix! One of the students is Death the Kid, the son of the Grim Reaper himself. Fortunately, the other two students aren’t nepobabies and got there through hard work, I guess?

3. Eureka Seven

Eureka and Renton hold hands while falling from the sky

This was the anime that put Bones on the map. A modern classic, this anime is about a young boy named Renton Thurston who lives in a city floating in the sky. Lil’ Ren dreams about someday joining a group of hoverboard pilots known as Gekkostate. One day, Renton meets a mysterious girl named Eureka, who is a member of the Gekkostate and a pilot of a mecha called the Nirvash. Eureka is on a top secret mission to stop the military organization known as the United Federation from using the technology of the Scub Coral, who are basically some freaky aliens from thousands of years in the past. But fear not, people who aren’t sci-fi nerds! The series also features a budding and tender romance between Eureka and Renton that is adorable to watch unfold.

2. My Hero Academia

the cast of My Hero Academia

This anime is currently one of the biggest titles in the entire WORLD. I think it’s slowly approaching Big Three (Naruto, One Piece, Bleach) levels of fame. It’s about a world where the majority of humanity has superhuman abilities known as “Quirks.” Unfortunately for a young boy named Midoriya, he isn’t one of them. Midoriya has no Quirk whatsoever, yet he dreams of become a great hero like the legendary All Might. And as fate would have it, his wish might just come true.

After a chance encounter with All Might, Midoriya is given the opportunity to “inherit” the source of the hero’s power. However, he will not be able to master it alone. He’ll need to LEARN how to do that. And where do people go to learn things? THE INTERNET—I MEAN—SCHOOL! Yes, Midoriya enrolls in a prestigious super hero training school where he learns about the ins and outs of heroism from some of the nation’s greats! And just in time, because he and his classmates will soon have to thwart a supervillanous evil a’brewin in the world.

1. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist - Brotherhood cast

What can I say? Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is hands down the greatest achievement of Bones as a studio and one of the most incredible anime ever made. The series takes place in the Kingdom of Amestris, where two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric attempt to use the mystical art of alchemy to bring back their dead mother. Except they forgot the golden rule of alchemy: NEVER TRY TO CREATE A PERSON WITH IT. The brothers end up creating a horrifying abomination and lose body parts in the process! Edward loses an arm and leg, while Alphonse loses his whole body. His soul is sealed inside a suit of armor. The brothers go on a quest to regain their lost body parts, and in doing so uncover a government conspiracy that threatens the entire world!

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