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The 10 Biggest Bounties In ‘One Piece,’ Ranked

(image credit: Toei)

Think you’ve got a big, swinging bounty because you’ve played a little Red Dead Redemption? Think again.

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You ain’t got nothing on these pirates, landlubber. You’re barely even worth the wanted poster paper your ugly mug is printed on. Meanwhile, these pirates have bounties so big that you should feel inadequate. I’m talking huge, throbbing bounties. Bounties that would make your grandmother faint, and that woman has seen things. Just take a look at the smallest bounty on this list and you’ll see what I mean.

10. Trafalger D. Law


Coming in at a measly 3 billion beli is the Law Man himself. Law is one of the highest ranking pirates of The Worst Generation, and is the captain of The Heart Pirates. He was also once a Warlord, and began his piratical career as a crewman in the formidable Donquixote Pirates. As a Worst Generationer, he’s one of a handfull of young pirate whippersnappers to royally piss off The World Government. I don’t think he’s gonna stop any time soon.

9. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy at the end of One Piece episode 1015

Main character who? I’m sorry, I thought this list was for big bounties. Monkey D. Luffy’s is as big as Law’s, 3 billion beli. That’s no saying much. I’m sure these two stayed up many a late night together measuring each other’s bounties to see whose was actually bigger. But at least they know that they’re on equal footing right? Even if they hardly measure up the other bounties on this list.

8. Buggy The Clown

(image: Toei)

This pirate got a big bounty the same way the he gets everything else, by mistake. His Emperor status came from a bizarre misunderstanding, but I’m sure he’s not complaining. He’s got a bounty of 3.189 billion beli. A little bit bigger the Luffy’s and Law’s, but not by much. I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to grow it by mistake as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with the biggest bounty on this list through some technicality.

7. Dracule Mihawk


Finally, now we’re getting somewhere. Dracule Mihawk has a bounty of 3.59 billion beli. He doesn’t have a devil fruit. He doesn’t even have a crew. So how’d he earn it? By being the greatest swordsman alive. Also, I’m sure calling himself “The Marine Hunter” turned quite a few World Government heads. Now everyone wants a piece of his big, fat bounty. But he’s not the type to give it up without a fight.

6.  Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)


Marshal D. Teach has a bounty of 3.996 billion beli, and I’m sure that really bothers him. He’s just shy of 4 billion inches—I mean beli. I’m sure that he’s measured and remeasured his bounty countless times, from countless angles. But it never changes. Oh well, being almost there is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m sure plenty of people would still be willing to jump on his bounty, know what I mean?

5. Shanks

Shanks being a goddamn steam show machine in One Piece Film: Red

We’ve broken into big boy territory now. Shanks bounty is a whopping 4.0489 billion beli. I’m certain he’s quite pleased with himself for that fact. Like Dracule Mihawk, he attainted his big ol’ bounty without the use of a devil fruit. He instead uses a mysterious spiritual energy called “haki” as the source of his power. His haki is arguably the strongest in the world, and has allowed him to remain one of the Four Emperors since the beginning of the series. Now that’s a bounty I’d like to claim for my own.

4. Big Mom

Big Mom singing a musical number in One Piece
(credit: Toei Animation)

Big Mom has the biggest bounty of any woman in the One Piece universe, and that’s saying something. The sheer size of her huge bounty puts half the men on this list to shame. She earned it by becoming one of the world renowned Four Emperors, before she was ousted from power by Lil’ Bounty Luffy and friends. Her bounty comes in at an enormous 4.388 billion beli. Let the record show that girls can have big bounties too, no matter what the assholes of the world have to say.

3. Kaido


4.611 billion beli. That’s a lot of beli. A BIG bounty. It makes sense—Kaido is a big guy, after all. He’s known as the “World’s Strongest Creature” and is the Governor-General of the fearsome Beast Pirates. This guy doesn’t even need to be one of the Four Emperors to earn an emperor sized bounty. All he had to do is turn into a literal dragon and they gave it to him, no questions asked.

2. Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)


Whitebeard was one of the greatest pirates to ever live, and even in his old age he was known as the “World’s Strongest Man.” His bounty measures at an insane 5.046 billion beli, wiping the floor with someone the younger and more virile people on this list. He was once a member of the Rocks Pirates, along with Kaido and Big Mom before that pirate crew’s destruction. Unlike the other pirates on this list, who lust after power, riches, and glory, Whitebeard was a pirate for one reason only: to build a family. Whitebeard treated every member of his crew with love, as if they were his own blood. Let the record show, you don’t need to chase money and power to have Big Bounty Energy, you can be a decent person, and people will love you for it just the same.

1. Gol D. Roger


The legend himself. The greatest pirate to have ever lived. The only person to have ever rivaled Whitebeard in power and influence. Before his execution, Gol D. Roger’s bounty measured to a staggering 5.5648 billion beli. And he did it all without a devil fruit. Instead, Golly D. possessed all three forms of haki, and was the the greatest haki user in the world when he was alive. Considering that Gol D. Roger was known as the Pirate King, the man with everything in the world, a 5.5 billion beli price tag on his head seems like a paltry reward for the riches he could offer in return. After all, he was once in possession of the mythical “One Piece,” a treasure of unimaginable value. Let it be known that no one will ever have as much Big Bounty Energy as the Gol D. Roger himself, though many will try.

(Featured image: Toei)

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