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Terry Crews on Pursuing Justice Against WME Agent: “I Still Have to Send a Check to My Molester”

Terry Crews in a scene from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Terry Crews’ case against William Morris Endeavor agent Adam Venit is now being reviewed by the L.A. County District Attorney’s office, and when Crews attended the Esquire 2018 Mavericks of Hollywood party, he had a lot to say about the frustrating nature of his situation.

At the end of last year, at the height of the outpouring of allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Crews opened up about allegations of his own against the longtime head of WME’s motion picture group Adam Venit. Crews alleges that Venit groped his genitals at an industry party several years ago. While Venit was briefly suspended without pay, he is now back at work and it seems that, at least for now, those are the only consequences Venit will have to face. All while continuing to deny wrongdoing, as well as having colleagues threaten Crews’ employment if he takes further action.

When interviewed at the Mavericks of Hollywood party, Crews spoke out about the continued indignities of needing to work in a business that continues to support his alleged groper, saying:

“This is the deal. What’s so strange and crazy is that I’m still paying them. I go to work, and I still have to send a check to my molester. This is Hollywood, it is insane. I look at my bank statement, and I’m like, ‘Damn, this is the most wrong thing of all time.’ I’m calling it, I’m going to play this whole thing out. If I don’t get justice, nobody can.”

He then talked about why it means so much to him to not let things rest:

“[Venit] tried to tell everyone it wasn’t sexual. How do you do that? How is that possible? The level of ridiculousness that this has gone to, and they’re looking at me as if I’m ridiculous for even saying anything. I’m like, ‘Nope, I’m not putting up with it.’ No one should. No woman, no child, no man, anywhere, in whatever business, should ever put up with being treated less than a human being, ever.”

Crews is absolutely right and this just further highlights that anyone calling this a witch hunt is ignoring how many of these men are continuing to work in spite of allegations.

(via Variety, image: Fox)

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