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TERFs Are Melting Down Over Drew Barrymore Being a Compassionate Person

Drew continues to be my favorite mommy.

Drew and Dylan having a chat on the floor.

Drew Barrymore continues to be an amazing person. Everyone’s favorite Mommy had trans rights activist and TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney on her show, and TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) can’t handle it. Mulvaney was there to discuss her year of transitioning and how she has documented it online. Since she has shared her transition so publicly, Mulvaney has been met with a lot of positivity from people, but she has also dealt with a lot of open hostility.

Barrymore, who has been in the film industry since she was a little girl, discussed how she dealt with toxic negativity over the years. As always, Barrymore acted with an open heart full of compassion for another human being. Of course, the TERFs (or FARTs) came out on Twitter to attack both women because Barrymore kneeled in front of Mulvaney to show her sincerity.

TERFs can leave Drew Barrymore alone

During the interview, Barrymore and Mulvaney shared tips for keeping your sanity when pelted constantly by toxicity. Barrymore said that reading reviews from her films at a young age was rough and compared it to the social media hatred directed at Mulvaney solely because she is a transgender woman. They shared how to pick yourself up and not dwell on what other people say about you, especially in this age where everyone seems to have an opinion om every other human that they feel compelled to share online.

Barrymore kneeled down next to Mulvaney and said that sometimes the worst hate she receives is from herself. Mulvaney hugged Barrymore, and they sat together on the floor. The act of kneeling sent Twitter TERFs into full crisis mode. To prove how unhateful they are, they spewed bigoted toxic vitriol about Barrymore being a bad feminist for “kneeling to the patriarchy.” They misgendered Mulvaney repeatedly to make sexist arguments about Barrymore being subservient to men. It’s disgusting how a small act of compassion on Barrymore’s part can make these people explode with hatred.

Many fans have pointed out that Barrymore kneeling in front of guests and sitting on the floors for interviews is part of her normal pattern when having heart-to-hearts—because she, unlike countless people on social media, has empathy.

It’s funny to me that the TERFs didn’t have a problem with Barrymore’s style with male guests. If it were really all about Barrymore being a bad feminist, shouldn’t they have come out of the woodwork screaming when she knelt in front of everyone’s favorite actor, Brendan Fraser? That’s because they can’t handle a trans woman living her life unapologetically and a cis woman showing support.

Drew, don’t ever change.

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