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Telltale Games Teases A Mashup For the Record Books

Where do you find common ground between a flash video series and a webcomic that have booth been made into adventure games; an adventure game; and a team based shooter, all of which have been created by three different game developers?

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Well, we just spent five whole minutes just trying to draw an illustrative Venn diagram, and we can’t.  But apparently Telltale Games can.

Telltale Games just released a teaser for an unnamed upcoming project that essentially consists of the above silhouettes.  They are, from left to right:

  • Tycho Brahe, presumably from Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, the adventure game based on the ancient and venerable web comic Penny Arcade.
  • Max, of Sam & Max, an ancient and venerable series of episodic adventure games (dating all the way back to when LucasArts was cool), comics, and cartoons.
  • The Heavy, the big bad Russian with the big bad gun from Team Fortress 2, itself an ancient and venerable franchise of video games.
  • Strong Bad, presumably from Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, the adventure game based on the ancient and venerable flash video site

Honestly, if you ignore the Heavy, this seems like it just might be the crossover adventure game to end all crossover adventure games.  Like Kingdom Hearts, but with violently amorous robots and consummate V’s.  But with the Heavy… maybe we’re looking at a brawler, like Marvel vs. Capcom or Smash Bros.

Further confusing things is the fact that Telltale only produced Sam & Max and Strong BadPrecipice was the product of Hothead Games, and Team Fortress 2 belongs entirely to Valve.

Also it looks like the Heavy and Tycho are both… holding some cards?

So… maybe we’re looking at a crossover CCG?

Fortunately for everyone, the teaser promises resolution on these issues by next Thursday.  As you can imagine, we find this to be something of a relief.  Full teaser below:

(via Joystiq.)

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