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Watch the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Cast React to Netflix’s Chilling Adventures

Netflix’s new show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is capturing the witchy hearts of viewers all over the world, but many audience members will remember the more light-hearted 1996-2003 sitcom that followed the antics of the Archie Comics character.

Fortunately, Chilling Adventures is so tonally different from Sabrina the Teenage Witch that no one could accuse it of being one those annoying remakes of a  beloved TV series. But what does the Teenage Witch team think of the Chilling Adventures series? Netflix brought together Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina), Nate Richert (Harvey), Caroline Rhea (Hilda), and Beth Broderick (Zelda) to watch and give their thoughts.

To begin with, they’re all a little spooked out. “It’s terrifying, this show” exclaims Rhea, who’s watching much of the show with her hands in front of her eyes. “It’s really scary. I don’t think I can watch it alone”, adds Broderick.

They’re also somewhat scandalized: “I wasn’t allowed to take my clothe—Well, I did run through a scene naked”, comments Hart. (I think this was the streaking episode?) “This is not our Sabrina!” joked Rhea, at a make-out scene. “We would never have allowed Sabrina to behave that way,” says Broderick in true Zelda fashion. “I like her though. She’s really political, little Sabrina. She’s quite empowered,” replies Rhea in true Hilda fashion. Overall, the Teenage Witch team is super supportive of the new, darker show.

It’s a real fun experience to see the Teenage Witch team together: Hart poking fun at Richert’s age, Richert spooking out Hart, and Rhea calling their Salem an “alcoholic rabbit wearing a hairpiece” in comparison to the Chilling Adventures Salem.

Have you seen the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina yet?

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