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Teenager Really, Really Needs To Get Online, Drugs Parents’ Milkshakes So They Pass Out

Meddling Kids


You’ve heard the saying, “beware Greeks bearing gifts,” yes? How about teenagers bearing milkshakes? No? Well you’re about to become familiar with it. A California teen just absolutely had to get on the internet one night and since her parents wouldn’t allow it, she drugged them. 

If you’ve ever wanted to irrevocably ruin your parents trust in you, this would probably be the way to go.

Police from Placer County, California arrested not one, but two teenage girls for allegedly drugging the one girl’s parents by slipping them prescription sleep aids via milkshakes. They’re being charged with conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical with food.

The Sacramento Bee writes:

Internet access at the Rocklin home was routinely shut off at 10 p.m., said Lt. Lon Milka, a department spokesman. Milka said that on Friday evening, a 15-year-old girl – who had a 16-year-old friend from Roseville visiting – offered to pick up milkshakes from a local fast-food restaurant for her parents. The parents drank about a quarter of the milkshakes but didn’t finish them, saying they tasted funny and were grainy, Milka said.

And then they fell asleep. They woke up around one in the morning with what they described as “hangover symptoms” and decided to pick up a drug test at to the Rocklin police station when they were still feeling odd later that day.

“Many parents buy them and have their kids’ urine tested,” Milka said. But in this case, they used the $5 kit to test themselves, he said.

When the parents tested positive, they alerted the police, and the girls were taken to juvenile hall.

“The girls wanted to use the Internet, and they’d go to whatever means they had to,” Milka said.

Entertainment/the internet being a necessity has really sunk to a new low. I get they’re teens but come on. There’s no word yet as to why the 15-year-old girl needed to get online so badly but police say that’s not high on their list of priorities. The drugging thing is, you know, the most important aspect of all of this. It’s now up to the District Attorney’s Office to decide if the girls will be prosecuted as juveniles or adults.

Usually I’d make some joke about Tumblr or Twitter or something here but this isn’t funny at all.

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